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damn dirk mancuso tagged me and cb for the smut meme created by one isabella snow (pleased to meet you).  the rules are to link to her, to link to the person who tagged you and to tag two others.  i’m a rebel, i’m taggin’ 4.

as for who i’m gonna tag the lucky rat bastards are alexander over at voenix rising and mr. innocent aka jason at let’s say your right.  ooh, and for a more feminine perspective, i’m tagging landry at pissy rabbits and sally at the tomato diaries.

get to it boys & girls.  let’s see some smut. 

1. chocolate or whipped cream: do i have to pick?  hmmm ok, whipped cream.

2. leather or pvc: hmmm, one the one hand the smell of leather is something awesome, but pvc has that wonderful “slick-ness”.  then there are the eco concerns with pvc and the animal concerns with leather.  ugg… decisions.  ok.  leather.3. outdoor sex or indoor sex: in..err..out… fuck.  damn.  umm… it’s really a seasonal decision for me.  what about stairwells?

4. in the jacuzzi or in bed? bed (tho’ jacuzzi’s are a great appetizer)

5. bad sex or no sex: this one’s easy.  no sex.

6. dominate or be dominated: isn’t there really an argument to be made for both? 

7. thigh highs or bodystocking: well my killer new frye boots are mid calf high… so i guess i’m going with that.

8. fast or slow: there’s something to be said for both. 

9. rough or gentle: depends on if it’s love making or fucking.

10. bite or suck: nibble

11. role play or reality: easy one, reality

12. dirty talking or dirty talking to: apparently i’m incapable of making a decision tonight.  i say both.

13. edible panties or no panties: ummm panties?  really?  how about jocks’?

14. spanking paddle or bare-handed: hehehehe…

15. landing strip or kojak: if were talking the family jewels, gotta be something down there – kojak in that area freaks me out

16. multiple sessions or one good fuck: multiple’s baby
17. moaning or screaming: moaning.

18. older men or young men: older, but not too old. 19. threeway or no way: no way, i’ve never been particularly good at sharing my toys.20. swing or so swinging: if we’re talkin’ key swap parties, then no swinging.  if we are talking about a real swing, sign me up.  jungle gym’s too.




you know, someday’s you just need a little dolly to brighten your day:

unrelated, i just found out that i’m getting this as my new work computer:


mmm pretty.  and it’s not an hp piece of shite.  (jonathan ives, call me – i’m gonna need a private tutorial).


jonathan ives

senior vice president of industrial design at apple.  

aka the guy that gave us the imac, ipod and iphone.

damn sexy guy.  he’s british too.  i heart the brit’s.  and his design aesthetic is sexy as hell. 

p.s., 6 days until i’m in ny!

well it all comes down to this eh?  no big shock or surprise there right?


if ya look over there to the right, you’ll see a nice obama banner hanging out, so not a big surprise who i’m supporting during the primary/caucus season (plus i already talked about it here).

this race is so important to me; it’s on my mind frequently… we need someone in the white house that is intelligent and restores america’s world image.  someone that’s not a complete and total embarrassment. 

we all know the pro’s and con’s (but of course there are very few actual differences between these two powerhouses) – but there’s one thing i’ve not heard many people talk about so far. 


since 1980 we have essentially had two families in control of american politics – the bush’s and the clinton’s.  yea, yea, yea, king george the senior was not in total power during 80-88, but he was still in the mix.  and buddha knows i love me some bill clinton, but seriously -it’s time for new leadership.

i go back to what i said in my post from jan 3,  i really do like hillary – i think she’s smart (yes, ray – i said she’s smart), passionate and truly cares about the people of the country (and will have no problem voting for her should she get the nomination)… but i just really think the country needs a radical change and obama is the man to bring it (oh yes, i said bring it). 

hillary has done some great things, but at the end of the day it would be 4 or 8 years of the her being in power. 

best case scenario, let’s say 8 years.  that means we will have had family dynasties in power for 36 years. 

36 years of the same two families runnin’ the show.

now more than ever, the country needs a change.  and the face of that change is barack obama (hopefully with the good senator from indiana, evan byeh by his side as veep, or maybe even bill richardson).

on a related note, the last couple of days i’ve been watching a lot of the west wing repeats on bravo.  is it completely sad that i wish jed bartlet was real and that i could actually vote for him? 



he’s ever so presidentially dreamy.



gotta say bravo to this”


The State of the Union is….


I’m completely pissed off that they are preempting Terminator TV: The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight for the State of the Union Address. Let me save them some broadcast time:

Applause, applause, applause.

“The State of the Union is Strong. If you’re poor, you may lose your house or your job and you have no health care. It deeply sucks to be you. Here’s some ideas I have for fucking things up even worse. Given my effectiveness so far, the only hope for the country this year is I’ll fuck up so badly at fucking up the country that things will actually get better. I’m an idiot, I’m always going to be an idiot, you don’t really need me to tell you that any more. If you love freedom, you’ll let me send some more of your kids to the desert to get blowed up.”

Okay, mission accomplished, in about the same time that it takes for a gecko to pimp insurance and with only half the credibility.

Now bring on the killer robot babes.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

the above was from author christopher moore’s myspace blog post.  if you don’t know christopher moore and you like wickedly funny satire, check him out.  meanwhile, what he said up above, i couldn’t agree more.

things you should know that have direct bearing on my mood today:

sometime between saturday evening and sunday morning, my work-laptop’s hard drive decided to commit suicide in a most bloody and gory manner (ok, not really, but i’m imagining a battle of epic 300 proportions happening on my hard drive).  it’s fried crispier than the colonel ever thought possible.

my companies mis team has thus far been unable to salvage anything.

what this means?  it means that i’ve lost:

  • all current documents related to the 4 shows i’m currently in production on
  • photographs of the last 2 years worth of shows and events
  • banner idea’s folder for this lil’ blog
  • 30 gig’s of music in my itunes folder

now, before you so politely ask me “why, oh why didn’t you backup your files” – well, yes – that would have been a good idea.  but you must realize i’m on the road about 70% of the year… i need access to my files and music on a fairly consistent basis.  thankfully, just in december, i moved most of my historical 2007 files onto our network so i have those in my back pocket. 

but still – fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck!



so last night, james and i went to see the new punk-rock musical/play “god save gertrude” (a modern take on hamlet). 


i had zero expectation for this (hell, until i walked in i had no idea what play we were seeing – we were there to support some of his co-workers who were doing makeup and playing in the band).  very much in a “hedwig and the angry inch” mode of modern musical theater – the story (let’s use that word loosely) is that of an aging punk rock poet-ess (think pattie smith) who is, as it turns out the queen of some country (assuming central europe/post soviet union, tho’ it’s never spelled out) on the verge of civil war.  she rehashes her punk past while juggling a second husband dictator and a son (wannabe rock star in the vein of his long gone father).  

the story and performances were quite good – as was the music.  it needs some fixing in the book department… like how did she become queen?  what happened to daddy #1?  how did dictator/daddy #2 come into the picture?  but all in all an fun night of experimental theater.

10.5 days until i’m in new york city.


star trek xi: 

as brought to life by jj abrams.  i’m beyond giddy-excited for this.  the cast looks spectacular & this trailer gave me chills.  time to get my sci-fi geek on.

paula abdul has a new song (written and produced by randy jackson).

come to your own conclusion.

i’m off to spend some time with mom – still no word on the job situation.. but she does have an interview on tuesday – so do me a favor, send some good karma my mom’s way on tuesday.



i love this title sequence (i’m kinda a geek for interesting/original title sequences).  bask in the brilliant funk of too hot to stop by the bar-kays and killer f’ing graphic’s. 

oh and the movies pretty good too. 

psst… see that lil’ green box over there to the right?  the one that says “add this blog to my technorati favorites” – if you love me (and i know you do), you’ll click it.

go ahead and click baby.

i promise i’ll still love you in the morning.

“i’m not concerned about the voters” – mitt romney 1.24.08

even with the full context of the quote he’s a fucktard. 

hat tip to voenix as well


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