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click the pretty tattoo gun


fuckin’ brilliant new video for the track valerie off of mark ronson’s album version  featuring amy winehouse – amy doesn’t appear in the vid, but the wine-ette’s do a damn fine job standing in.

i still love this album so much.

****warning, this is one of those long/wordy/trying to figure it all out posts.  you may want to just skip to the photo’s at the bottom of the post**** 

so, i’m home – had a productive trip to san francisco and a nice day off on thursday.  i did pop over to the castro to do a bit of window shopping and what not.  a bunch of folks i know were fairly adamant that i hit the bar’s while i was in sf – and for a brief moment or two, i seriously considered it (what was i thinking?!), but at the end of the day i didn’t go.

it’s not that i’m nervous going into gay bar’s – far from it actually, it’s just that i don’t really enjoy them all that much.  i just don’t see the point (or am i missing the point?!).  of course, i get a fair bit of shit from friends here in minneapolis that i don’t go out enough, but i guess i just haven’t found the silver lining to the whole bar thing.  i’d much rather have a nice dinner with friends than try to hang out in a bar.   

so there i was in the gayest city in the world, mecca for homo’s and i could have easily gone into twin peaks or the eagle or hell, there’s even an actual bar called mecca.  the thought of going into a bar and being alone – well, to me seems about the loneliest thing you can do.

i mean, come on – it’s no shock i’m sure that i’m a fairly shy guy.  and sure, the obvious answer is to put myself out there more often and i guess, yea – one way to do that is to actually go to bar’s by myself.  it’s just that sounds so unappealing. 

i guess for most business travellers, going into a bar can offer a certain something – a chance for connection, sex, camaraderie etc.  but at the end of the day, i don’t so much care for casual connections and i don’t really need sex (especially casual sex).  camaraderie is the only thing that interests me, but the whole surface/relationship thing that happens in bars, i just don’t get.  i’ve never been one for the surface.  i don’t exect that will change any day soon. 

i do wish i was one of those happy-go-lucky types that appear to be the life of the party whilst in a bar or nightclub.  i’m just not that happy-go lucky i guess.   serious has been used to describe me far too often.  i’d like to change that….

last week when i was flying home (or going somewhere, can never really tell these days), i was watching the movie ‘high fidelity’ staring john cusack.  high fidelity is one of my favorite movies.  and old standby.  there’s a scene in that movie where john’s character (rob) is questioning his old break-up’s and the big “why” when it comes to romance.  he seeks out his old flame charlie, played by catherine zeta-jones to find out what went wrong:

rob: “why’d you dump me for marko?” 

charlie: “marko just seemed to be a bit more glamorous, more sure of himself.  less hard work.  a little sparkier.”

i feel like that sometimes.  i mean, i’m not all that sure of myself, and i’m sure i’m probably hard work, and i’m definitely not sparky. 

to me the guys that seem at home in bars are sparky.   james is sparky.  cb is sparky.  ax is sparky.  i am not sparky.  i think we can all agree on that. 

i’m a pretty fuckin’ great guy if you ask me, but every time the whole “bar” thing comes up, and the guilt trip’s come out (mine or others), i start to doubt myself. 

i’ve asked the question before – why is it easier for other guys? 

i don’t have the answer’s.  i just know that when i go into a bar, something switches off for me.  the insecurities rear their ugly head’s and i doubt myself too much.  the spark fades out.

so no, i did not hit the bar’s while in sf.  instead, i spent the day the castro. and much like chelsea in ny and boystown in chicago, the castro seems a bit desperate to me.  now, please, don’t miss-read that.  i’m talking about the gay ghetto’s – not the cities themselves.  i love new york more than just about anywhere, and san fran is way up on that list for me too.  spending the afternoon in the castro was fun, but ultimately there’s not a lot of substance there for me – it’s all very surface (i’m more than willing to admit that maybe i haven’t dug deep enough to find the substance).   and we know how i feel about that.  and i pretty much felt invisible while i was there.   maybe that’s it – you can practically smell the desperation in some gay bars.  maybe that’s why i don’t like them.  i don’t like feeling desperate.

so i spent my spare time in record stores (i do love my record stores), and wondering around the city by foot, cable car and street car – taking in the sights, the sounds and the smells.  generally just falling in love with the city.  who needs to fall in love at a bar, when you can fall in love with a whole city?!

san francisco is a truly amazing place.  one that i enjoy more and more every time i visit.

who knows, maybe one day i’ll make it into one of the bars.  and maybe i’ll have a gay old time (it’s been known to happen once or twice <g>).  in the meantime, i’ll just curl up on the couch, or go for a walk on this excellent, crisp fall day in minnesota.


leather pride


sutro tower (i love this tower, always have)


view from the wharf


coit tower with bay bridge from the top of lombard




rare self portrait

well it’s official; the 5 city sales meeting tour i’ve been producing is finally over.  thank god!  it went off more or less without a hitch – a couple of the hotels had an issue here or there, but for the most part it was a success.  now, just 3 more hair show’s this season (cincinatti next weekend, washington d.c. the following and then miami at the end of the month) and i can finally spend some quality time at home. 

took a friend around a bit of san francisco tonight – she’d never toured it.  jumped in a cab to get to the haight for my amoeba fix.  that store never fails to provide me with a treasure (or three):

first up, the uk version of siouxsie sioux’s new (and first ever proper) solo album ‘mantaray’.  now, yes, i could have waited a week for the u.s. version – but i prefer things the way there were meant to be and this import, limited edition copy is gorgeous.  have only listened to the music on the crappy in room dvd/cd player – must import into the iphone for my day tomorrow to give it a proper listen.  (fyi, it appears as if siouxsie and budgie have split after some 26 years together and that siouxsie may have come out of the closet… no shock there i suppose).


next up, my mental hard-on lloyd cole with ‘live at the bbc’ – i didn’t even know this existed.  lloyd in so many ways is the perfect man for me… soulful, british, talented with dead sexy eyes.  ‘course he’s also straight so fuck ‘him.  this is a collection of tunes recorded live in 1990 and 1995.  very excited with this one.


and then there’s my new robbie williams treasure.  a semi-are cd single for a tune called eternity that doesn’t appear anywhere else, as well as a non-lp track toxic.  as much as lloyd is the perfect british guy for me, robbie just get’s my rock-star- rock’s off.  + you know how i like the boys with ink.  again, sigh – he’s straight.  so fuck him too.  lol.


also picked up a couple of multi-disk set’s put out by the fine folk’s at bar de lune – can always find a treasure or two for use in future shows.

whilst in the haight, we passed a cool asian artifacts store where they had a number of fine balinese puppets – i’ve always wanted a one of these; i couldn’t resist.  here she is:


here’s a close up of her face:


(kinda siouxsie-esqu in’she?)

tomorrow is just a day off in san francisco – how perfect?  first up, sleeping until whenever the hell i feel like wakeing up, i wonder what i’ll do after that….

let’s say your a pasty white guy, maybe with a few extra pounds (note, i’m just sayin’). now let’s say your wearing a black polo shirt with tan shorts. for the love of god, don’t wear black leather “dress” sandals!

trust me, nobody looks good in those sandals.

least of which pasty white guys. (picture forthcoming)

p.s., welcome to my first “blog post via biff”

lyrical mood o’ the moment:

go on and take it off
take it off!
shake it off baby, for me
c’mon and break me off
break me off!
’cause i get what i want and i like what i see   

the donna’s ‘take it off’


things are good today, fall is starting to crawl  to minnesota (the leaves are in the very early stages of turning) – autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, i love the crispness in the air, time for sweatshirts.  nothing better than the smell of fallen leaves while on a walk through the neighborhood.

today was still really warm tho’, 80 or so – so no fall yet, but i can feel it in my bones; it’s coming (if only it wasn’t followed by the dreaded winter). 

tomorrow i’m off to san francisco for the week – a bit of work, and a bit of r-n-r.  should be a good time if i don’t spend all my money at amoeba records.

truth be told, i’d much rather be at home tho’.  i’m thinking this fall will be a great time to be lowkey and spend some quality time in minneapolis.  i’m looking forward to being around more.

all-in-all, a very happy day for me.


in other fun news; on tuesday the brand new meshell ndegeocello disk ‘the world has made me the man of my dreams’ drops.

The World Has Made Me the Man of My Dreams

i’m super excited for this record…. i’ll be high-tailing it over to ameoba right after work on tuesday to get me some me’shell.  i love me some me’shell

ok, i really thought i could live with the old template – after all it had everything i wanted, a darker, simple theme with a nice clean layout.

i just couldn’t get past the title header being left-justified.  i’m far to anal about shit like that.  i need there to be balance.  i need things to be centered.  ugg.

things i loved:

  • the white text on a dark grey background

  • the clean, easy to read font.

  • the font size

  • simple navigation

things i hated:

  • the left justified title banner.

so we will be trying this new template.  i don’t **love** the white background, but i think it looks ok.

to thank all of you for my incessant iphone blogging, here’s a little bit of chris evans hotness:

yo.  what up?

sorry i’ve been so quiet the last couple of days… not much to say i guess coupled with the insanity of travel/work.  been kinda in a funk.  i think the mad-travel of the last 2 months is catching up with me.  i feel massively disconnected from home and my friends.  i know life is going on around minneapolis without me and it just kinda seems like i’m missing out on something. 

i’m sitting in a hotel in baltimore (ooh, yer jealous i can tell)… had the night off from work and walked around a bit – not much to see in this town.  not much that i found anyway.  i’m sure it’s lovely (crime rate aside).  i’m looking forward to san francisco next week and even scheduled a couple of extra days in town just for fun.  after that i’m home for a full week (can you imagine?!).  my travel schedule will begin to slow down a bit throughout october, with nothing currently scheduled after october 29th!

it’s amazing when your in the doldrums how easy it is to forget what gives you joy – know what i mean? 

i spent a bit of of time cleaning up my big ipod and adding most of my prince collection to it (prince had for the last year been on his own ipod, but i’m trying to scale down a bit, who needs 3 ipods [let alone 4 with the iphone]?)… so as i was moving the 665 prince songs i own (not including another 125 tunes on a bootleg collection of early prince performances dating back to 1980), i was reminded how much i fuckin’ love prince (yea, i forget sometimes)…. specifically listening to a bootleg show of prince live in germany in 1988 – i’m going out of my mind enjoying this shit…

endorphins are a good thing for kicking out the blues….

thanks for all the great suggestions for names for the new ipod (and rg; wouldn’t you like to know…. :-))… there were some great ones and i almost took jason’s suggestion and named it sioux (after all, it’s crazy sexy with a jet black casing (much like siouxsie sioux), but in the end cb came through with ‘biff’. 

2 of my other 3 ipods are named after characters in christopher moore novels, so it seemed only fitting to continue the trend (my main ipod’s name is ‘catch’ after the demon in ‘practical demonkeeping’, and the prince-pod is named whaley-boy after a group of character’s in ‘fluke’. 

so now we have biff, named after the title character from ‘lamb; the gospel according to biff, christ’s childhood pal’. 

and now, allow me to introduce you to biff (with a very rare self portriat thrown in [if you look closely at the bottom of the pic, you’ll see ‘catch’ hanging out too – god i’m a fuckin’ geek]).


i forgot to add, i need your help naming my new iphone.

of course you know that all ipods need names right?  of course you do.

i already have a small family of i’s but can’t think of a good name for the phone.

i have catch; my 30 gig ipod, whaley-boy, my 8 gig ipod mini and kermit, my ipod shuffle.

but what to call my brand new family member?

thoughts?  put it in the comments

it’s iphone bitch.  (only my new iphone would have so rocked that dance number at the vma’s – britney could learn a thing or two).


 yup, i succumbed to the awesome power of iphone.  i’m officially no longer a crackberry user (and one wonders, which device is more addicting).  while i really had every intention of waiting for v2, the price reduction did help.  and so did playing with a friends last weekend while in detroit. 

i gotta say, this was the easiest, most non-problem/head scraching phone installation ever.


while you may not be able to tell from the pic (it’s the last pic i took with my blackberry – it’s an amazingly bad camera)… macy’s has already started setting up christmas displays. 

that’s. just. wrong.

it makes me want to not buy anything from macy’s – it’s only sept 13 for fuck sake!

off to cleveland tomorrow for a show this weekend, then to baltimore for a sales meeting. 








wish me luck.


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