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sure he’s hot. (tho’ to use ray’s vernacular, he looks a little smelly here)

and yea, he can dance.

but did we really need to see this?  (the least he could have been was shirtless):


with voenix rising’s ‘thursday ink’ on haitus (boo… hiss… sad kyle) it’s up to me to take that ball and run with it….




there’s more after the jump.  and by more, i mean, nsfw, not for lesbians, not for prudes, not for straight guys or some farm animals.  go ahead jump.

not sure who has more (ill-advised) time on his hands – the people who made this video, or me for finding it.

ugg – i need a life.

after what proved to be an exceedingly long day at work (one of many for the next 6 weeks)  and fighting completely crappy traffic in minneapolis since my primary route fell into the mississippi river – i finally got home and anxiously went to get the mail thinking this was the day i’d get the new entertainment weekly (aka my bible) – did i get the new ew?  no.  i most certainly did not. 

i did however get a copy of the brand new undergear catalog!?

how did i get on that mailing list i wonder?

seriously, if the guys at undergear could see me the would know most certainly i’m not their target audience.  i mean, yea, i’m gay and everything – but i’m not one of those guys.

**warning – blatant stereotype ahead**

yes, i assume they make the magazine purely for euro-fags who live in boystown, the castro and chelsea* and have all the time in the world to go to the gym and then hit all the circuit parties. 

i mean, seriously.  look at this stuff: 




this model kills me – i mean seriously how cheesy is this guy – all rico suave:


and i don’t even know where to begin with this one… oh the hours that must have been spent shaving/waxing/epilading…:


now, with all that done and said – undergear is not without its redeeming qualities… i mean, how hot is this:


it’s like undergear porn.  if i were a 13 yr old with no access to the real thing (or the vhs equivilant), i’d so be all over this in a magazine!

*disclaimer; there are many many many hot guys in boystown, chelsea and the castro who wouldn’t be caught dead in that white number up above… thank god.

ok, so you may have read that i kinda like this minneapolis based singer named prince.

he’s ok i guess.. 🙂

so prince has this new background singer named shelby j.  she’s pretty much the shit.  didn’t know much about her until i saw the target center and first ave shows last month and she really blew me away.



at the target center show prince turned the mic over to shelby for a tune or two and on one of the tracks, she tore the roof off of the place with her version of gnarls barkley’s “crazy”.

well, i may (or may not, just sayin’) have come into a bootlegged copy of shelby singing the very same tune one week later when prince & co. invaded the montreux jazz festival.

if i really did have that track, it would indeed be off-the-fucking-hook.  that’s all i’m sayin’

damn girl can sing. (plus, the tune heavily features vocoder….

unrelated… don’t you hate when your holding on to a feeling or an emotion about someone, and then that someone comes along and in a text message pretty much ruins the moment?  shit, it’s time to move-the-fuck-on.  damn i hate this.

unrelated pt 2…. a blogger-friend of mine may have just convinced me to send him a rated r pic or two i have of myself.  sometimes, a compliment can make all the difference.  thank you.


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