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ok, i’m working through my europe pictures and will be presenting them in 3 installments – the installments will be my favorite pic’s from a given place (i took over 400 pics in total; don’t want to bore you by posting all of them – i already forced cb to see them all… i can’t imagine how painful that was for him.

the first installment (today’s) is all about the big show (aka, the reason i was in berlin to begin with).

#1 – things sound so much better in french.

#2 – goodie bag’s for the attendees.

#3 – cool as shit light bulb.  the theater was swimming with these things…. they were all about 12-15″ long with a single filament running through them.  i loved these bulbs.

#4 – my job on this show was stage manager.  next to my post backstage was a mirror ball.  how can you not love a mirror ball.  they rock.  i call this “self portrait with mirror ball“.

#5 – this may very well be my favorite pic from the entire show, and keep in mind this is still in rehearsals.  the finale for one of the acts was to have his models come out in black under a boat-load of white netting/fabric (they were wearing black sheath dresses) and then they were illuminated with black light.  it was incredible and otherworldly.  they had these kick ass wigs on too that you only saw at the very end of the segment.  i love the movement in this pic.

#6 – i call this one “charlie’s angels shadows“.  you should of seen it when they were in full hair/wardrobe (hey, what can i say – i have more free time to take pictures during rehearsals).

#7 – ok, i’m completely in love with this woman.  seriously – i think i would switch teams to be with her.  she had the most kick-ass walk i’ve ever seen.  and the boots – the boots were amazing (ok, maybe i really am too gay if i noticed the boots… i have a pic of them somewhere).  she was just so damn sexy walking down the catwalk.

#7a – ok, here are the boots.  rock on!

#8 – rehearsing the men’s hairdressing segment.  ummm… can we say “gun show”?  i had the pleasure of having this guy change clothes down to black bikini briefs right next to me.  ummm… i need a moment.

#9 – for obvious reasons.

#10 – ok, now were on show day… i like the look of this pic, tho’ i wish the one girl wasn’t wearing a sweater.  it was pretty cold backstage tho’.

#11 – obvious reasons pt 2.  they just got done “spritzing” the boys to give them that “just worked out” look that’s so popular.  by the way, they were wearing shorty athletic shorts too.  double drool.  i love my fucking job!

#12 – this is the same girl as the above (the one with the boots).  great do, no?  pure sex.  behind the girl you’ll see someone with white and black face paint – that’s one of the girls that’s pictured in the above charlie’s angels shadow shot.

#13 – bringing the afro back baby.  and trust me this chick (all 6’2″ of her) was working the fuck out of this hair.  nice.

#13a – here’s another shot of her


note, there will be a photo essay documenting the forthcoming points following said points.

a) i’m on a plane to new york tomorrow morning at 7am minneapolis time.  this will be my first proper vacation in over two years (oh, if your wondering, i don’t consider vacations tagged onto the end of shows or aids rides as “proper” – so therefore, this is my first proper vacation in over two years).  i really really really am ready for this vacation.  and i am not bringing my computer with so unless i use landry’s computer, you won’t get any updates from me until next monday <gasp!>.

b) i voted.  i’m part of the machine.  dammit people, it’s time for change!

c) it’s finally for real (i.e., plane tickets are booked) i’m off to berlin (work) & prague (vacation) in april.  very happy/excited.

d) fucktards who drive escalades with eco-plates need to be anally abused until they realize that spending the extra $30 a year for “natural habitat” license plates does not negate the detrimental effects their vehicles are doing to the planet.  oh, and to anyone driving any varient of an suv – when was the last time you actually took it off road?  oh, and the safety thing?  it’s a myth.  least you can do if you own one of these monstrosities is to offset your carbon footprint.

e) oh, did i mention that landry and i are seeing siouxsie sioux on saturday night in ny?  mabye i forgot to tell ya’ll that.

f) j made me very happy last night.  dopey grin on my face all day (no photo essay for this one).







fall is officially here in the twin cities and i couldn’t be happier.  fall is, without a doubt – my single favorite time of year.  there’s something so amazing, so comforting about this particular change of season.  i love the smell in the air (crisp, yet warm), the sound the leaves make as you walk through them and the way all the color’s get just a bit more bold. 

of course with fall comes the inevitable change to winter.  but, given global warming, winter ain’t what it used to be in minnesota. 



thanks to everyone who voted in the first ever atomic pop! poll regarding if i should spend 99 of my hard earned pennies in buying the tune ‘gimme more’ by brit brit.  as i was about to press the button “buy song” scoot swooped down and gave me a copy of the tune.  yes, jason, i realize i chastised you for getting tunes that way, but brit brit doesn’t need the moolah, siouxsie does!  i am completely addicted to this damn song.  ugg.



last night, cb came over to get caught up on ‘heroes’ and hang out a bit – i made a killer (or at least i think so) sausage and peppers dish for dinner and on cb’s suggestion, we tried the above.  can i just say whoever decided to make a yellow cake flavored ice cream should be canonized… this ice cream is flipping white trash all the way – and oh so fucking good.  (p.s., make sure to link on over to cb’s site for his most excellent take on the family circus comic strip).


so friday i’m off for a quickie hair show in cincinnatti (ooh, don’t be jealous).  the fun part?  i get to see jason.  i’m super excited to have dinner with him friday night after model call (if he’s really nice, i might just get him a ticket to see the show on sunday too!).


and lastly, i present rocco dispirito for no other reason than i’m completely in love with this man.  dead.  fucking.  sexy.

it’s iphone bitch.  (only my new iphone would have so rocked that dance number at the vma’s – britney could learn a thing or two).


 yup, i succumbed to the awesome power of iphone.  i’m officially no longer a crackberry user (and one wonders, which device is more addicting).  while i really had every intention of waiting for v2, the price reduction did help.  and so did playing with a friends last weekend while in detroit. 

i gotta say, this was the easiest, most non-problem/head scraching phone installation ever.


while you may not be able to tell from the pic (it’s the last pic i took with my blackberry – it’s an amazingly bad camera)… macy’s has already started setting up christmas displays. 

that’s. just. wrong.

it makes me want to not buy anything from macy’s – it’s only sept 13 for fuck sake!

off to cleveland tomorrow for a show this weekend, then to baltimore for a sales meeting. 








wish me luck.

… also known as the city that stole my beloved north stars.  f’ing bastards.

so, i sat on the tarmac for an hour last night in detroit en-route to dallas for sales meeting no. 3 of 5.  being sealed in a flying disease tube and forced to sit on the tarmac next to some middle aged woman who wanted to bond with me over our mutual love of tattoos (it’s important to note she had 1.  just one, the size of a pea, on her big toe).  said woman was oblivious to the headphones stuck in my ear and proceeded to grab my arm whenever she wanted me to hear something.

it was the perfect end to a weird weekend in detroit.  the show went off well (part of the stage fell down at one part – that was fun!  sometimes i miss the action of being the stage manager (i was directing the show from out front and was really quite helpless to fix the falling drape) – but at the end of the day the audience really seemed to love the show… the evaluations were off the hook!  yay me!!

as i mentioned in my previous post, the radisson detroit-livonia is ghetto.  i’m not in the sumptuous ritz carlton dallas.





ritz carlton.

more later….


this hotel is ghetto.

now, granted, the hotel obviously knows this as it’s under renovation – but this hotel is so ghetto and nasty, it should have been closed during the renovation – wait till you see the lobby; i’ll have to snap a pic or two tomorrow.

i’m here for a hair show… then sunday, i’m off to the ritz-carlton in dallas for a sales meeting i’m producing.  how very yin/yang.


unrelated; whilst on the plane today i finally started organizing my pics from the past few trips  – here’s a couple of cool shots of the new de beers diamond building in san francisco – it positively glows… it’s so prettttttyyy:



so i’m home from boston with just the slightest beginning of a cold.  ugg… this is so the wrong time for me to get sick

boston went well.  very well.  so well in fact, we are changing things!  boston was the first of 5 touring retail sales meetings for the management team from our stores.  it seriously did go well, but in so many ways it was certainly a dress rehearsal (being the first)… lots of changes to the music, decor and presentation. 

very little down time in boston – was staying at the fairmont in copley place right across the street from trinity church.  i did get a chance to do a bit of a walk-about last night.  anxious to see if my pic’s turned out

reason #8594 ipods rock.  whilst on the plane today (comp upgrade to first class, can’t beat that) had my ipodcatch‘ on random and was reminded how much i love the album ‘things to make and do’ by the band molokoi’ve always enjoyed that album, but it tends to not be in the forefront for me.  when the track pure pleasure seeker came on, i immediately got a smile on face and restructured catch to play the whole album.  i love moloko’s sense of play and whimsy.  if your not familiar with them, they’re similar in a bunch of ways to goldfrapp, but much lighter.   while the band is alas, no more – it was a great reminder how much i love them.  roisin murphy’s (the singer) new solo album comes out in a couple months – very psyched about that.

here’s the video for the track ‘the time is now’ from the album:

it’s cb’s birthday on sunday.  i finaly figured out what to get him.  it fuckin‘ rocks.  can’t wait for him to see it.  he’s gonna dig it sooooooo much.  i love spoiling my friends. 🙂 

i have another hair show this weekend in minneapolis and then leave for sales meeting number 2 in atlanta monday morning.  as such, posts will continue to be sporadic for a bit.

can i just say, i love it when a plan comes together.  fuckin’ love it!

so my show in san francisco was a pretty big deal. 

a) it was the largest show of this type we’ve ever done. 

b) my boss was there to support me.

c) her boss was also there.

d) this was the most high profile show i’ve directed (and the first where my boss and her boss were there to witness it).

all i can say is i hit the ball out of the court.  i’m on cloud nine.  the show went off brilliantly.  all of the long hours were so worth it.

tomorrow is workshop day (where the attendees can pay extra money to take a class by one of the artists that were on stage)… if that goes well, then i’m golden.

outstanding night (plus i made it to virgin and got some more new music…. nothin’ better).



…and the law won, duh.


it was bound to happen, this weekend i got a speeding ticket.  it was justified.  couldn’t argue it a bit.  still sucks tho’.  i’ll be the first to say that i’m a bit of a speeder (tho’ i’ll argue anyone’s point that i’m a bad driver – i’m actually quite good…defensive driver too), but it still sucks to get caught don’it? 

on the whole it was a good experience tho’ – the cop was respectful and even nice (tho’ not to cute, damn) – he even bumbed me down to the lower fine category.  nice.

other than that, work is ramping up huge, on top of that i started planning for the red ribbon ride in ernest this week + i’m leaving for a show in victoria british columbia on friday.  not much kyle time for sure.

on monday night i joined james and his friend bridget for the bravery show at the varsity theater in minneapolis.  i didn’t know much about the bravery, but it was a great show – and it was nice to see james for a bit.

as a tribute to stageright…stageleft (former blog for new readers), here are a couple of my world famous cell phone concert pics from the show (course, they’re more stage center but just deal).  i just loves me some highly saturated over-exposed photography:





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