things you should know that have direct bearing on my mood today:

sometime between saturday evening and sunday morning, my work-laptop’s hard drive decided to commit suicide in a most bloody and gory manner (ok, not really, but i’m imagining a battle of epic 300 proportions happening on my hard drive).  it’s fried crispier than the colonel ever thought possible.

my companies mis team has thus far been unable to salvage anything.

what this means?  it means that i’ve lost:

  • all current documents related to the 4 shows i’m currently in production on
  • photographs of the last 2 years worth of shows and events
  • banner idea’s folder for this lil’ blog
  • 30 gig’s of music in my itunes folder

now, before you so politely ask me “why, oh why didn’t you backup your files” – well, yes – that would have been a good idea.  but you must realize i’m on the road about 70% of the year… i need access to my files and music on a fairly consistent basis.  thankfully, just in december, i moved most of my historical 2007 files onto our network so i have those in my back pocket. 

but still – fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck!