now, i don’t talk a lot of politics here – there are others in the blog-o-sphere who can (and do) do it better, but i wanted to weigh in a bit on this.

i’ve been struggling with who i wanted to support for president (not that it matters all that much, minnesota’s caucus happens on super-duper tuesday – i doubt we will get much play here); but still, it’s important to consider the options.  the problem is, on paper, the three front runners; clinton, obama & edwards, are all pretty much the same.

but off the paper, there is more to the story. 

i really respect hilary, she’s smart, she’s experienced, she’s strong.  but i’ve been wondering if she isn’t too divisive to unify america.   i was saying to a friend the other day that as much as i want a democrat in the office, i really firmly believe we need a president that can unify the country and restore some of our honor.  i’m not sure that hilary is the person to do that.

i think that obama is much more of a uniter.  i think he’s someone that conservatives can support – just as i would be ok if john mccain were to win (i wouldn’t immediately want to start packing and moving to canada like i did when king george ‘won‘).

obama seems to be a visionary, hopeful and energetic – much like the then governor clinton, sounded back in ’92.  it’s also interesting that a black man could so overwhelmingly win in a white conservative state.

certainly this is far from over – a lot can happen between now and the the convention.  it’s gonna be an interesting ride. 

but i think that i’m solidly behind obama.