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1 more to go.

it’s 8:11pm as i write this.  day one of my event is complete and it was a smashing success.  now, why is this a big deal you ask?  sure i’ve produced other events solo – but this is by far the most high-profile event i’ve done solo.  virtually every vice president (not to mention the president) of my company as were some of the greatest minds in science as key note speakers were there.

so yay me. 

one more day to go…


in honor of my trip to berlin (i leave on wednesday), here’s nena’s ’99 luftballons’. enjoy:





meanwhile… i loaded into a theater today for my show that is sunday & monday (rehearsal is tomorrow) – might be a bit sparse around here.

in a heartbeat.

from the studio briefing on

Australian media company Village Roadshow has disclosed that tickets for its deluxe Gold Star Cinemas will go for $35 apiece when the theaters open in the U.S. The Hollywood Reporter said today (Wednesday) that the company is planning to open 50 such theaters in this country over the next 5 years, with the first to open in suburban Chicago this year, featuring reserved seating (only 40 seats per theater), special parking, and “upscale” food service by waiters in the auditoriums. “It’s an absolutely different environment than anything else that exists,” Village Roadshow CEO Graham Burke told the trade paper. Village Roadshow has already opened some 100 Gold Class theaters in Australia, Singapore and Greece.

imagine, not rushing to the theater, not waiting in lines, not siting in a tight room like flying coach to singapore.  decent food – no lines – small crowds, i am so there!

i’ve not posted about the war for a long time.  frankly, it depresses me too much.  but this, this i just couldn’t pass up.

as i’m sure you know the united states passed a landmark this week – 4,000 dead american service men and women from the war in iraq.

voenix rising sum’s this up nicely and puts it all in perspective over on his blog – that’s the equivalent of a typical metropolitan high school.  4,000.  harrowing to think about no?

there is justifiable outrage at this latest milestone in the “war against terror”, but where is the outrage at the number of iraqi’s that have died?

40,940 – iraqi civilian casualties

to put that number in perspective – culver city, california has approx. 40,000 people in it.

for another perspective, and to put a face on the war in irag – click this to make it bigger (it’s a mosaic made up of the 4,000 dead).


click to make bigger

in other war news – king george had this to say about the milestone:

U.S. deaths in Iraq ‘laid foundations for peace’

ummm…. sorry, but war does not beget peace.   peace is a whole other concept.


this is very cool.  i have no idea who they are, or what they’re about – but i’m diggin the music.

ummm… i get bored easily.  so, yea, if i change my format – you’re just going to have to deal mofo. 


ok.  maybe it’s just cause i’m beyond exhausted… working  a lot… just got home and a friend sent me this – it’s incredible.  i had no idea so many gay men had no design sense whatsoever.

check out lurid digs. warning will robinson; not for the faint of heart, the prudish, those offended by the sight of penises or most importantly, those offended by bad taste.  this is decidedly nsfw.

firstly, i present you with the brand new portishead tune ‘machine gun‘ – from their upcoming album third. (hat tip to timo over at edited for television for posting the video first).

it’s not at all what i was expecting – but i’m seriously digging this tune. fucking dark and hard mixed with that voice. that amazing, wonderful voice. ummm… beth, geoff & adrian, why oh why did you have to wait 11 years since your last album? this is perfection.

now the bad news. portishead is playing berlin on april 3. that’s the day i arrive and i even have the night off. yay, right? no.

the. fucking. show. is. sold. out.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i need a ticket for this show. the chances of them playing minneapolis are nil. i can’t go to coachella (ed. note, this in and of itself sucks. not only is portishead playing, but so are goldfrapp, m.i.a., mark ronson, love & rockets, metric and the breeders. double grrrr.) this year either. so this is my only shot.

i’m praying to the musical gods of the internet. somebody, anybody – get me a ticket to this show!!!!!!



introducing the great tattoo experiment.  head over to (click the gun) to find out more.


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