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yup, it’s that time again – time for the mn state fair. 

one of two things will happen tomorrow when cb and i go to the fair.  1) i will leave feeling very full from eating the plethora of weird food on a stick options that make our state fair special.  or 2) i will be in jail after going on a mass killing spree (crowds tend to make me cranky – well, crankier than usual i should say).

some fun facts:

  • the fair is the largest in the nation (based on daily attendance numbers)
  • the first state fair was held in 1859 and has been held every year since with the exception of 5 (due to war’s, polio outbreaks and the worlds fair in chicago)
  • every year they sculpt a bust of “princess kay of the milky way” out of butter.  yes, butter.
  • vice president teddy roosevelt’s famous line “speak softly and carry a big stick” was first uttered at the fair on steptember 2, 1901.  four day’s later, he became president after william mckinley was assassinated.
  • at the fair you can get:
    • alligator on a stick
    • spaghetti and meatballs on a stick (very tasty, worth the long line if you ask me)
    • deep fried candy bar’s on a stick
    • black cherry flavored pickles on a stick
    • macaroni and cheese on a stick
    • deep fried chocolate chip cookies on a stick
    • sloppy joes on a stick
    • cheese on a stick
    • oriental lemon chicken on a stick
    • rocky road scones on a stick
    • batter dipped fried fruit on a stick
    • key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick
    • lamb on a stick
  • machinery hill (where the tractors are) rocks.  where else can you play on big equipment like it’s a life-sized tonka truck?
  • the haunted house is also one of my favorites – also worth the long line

hopefully i will make it out without killing anyone with some great pics – stay tuned.



click the tattoo needle pic to head over to atomic pop ink! and check out the latest on my sleeve.

i repeat, this is not porn.  even tho’ it may have lot’s and lot’s of hunky guys playing with their balls.

hi all –

just hanging out in a ballroom at a hotel in atlanta for the 2nd of the five retail sales meetings i’m producing… 

not much to report (other than there are no hot guys in this group! how discouraging).

more later…

for the record, let me state i am all for naked twister.


so i’m home from boston with just the slightest beginning of a cold.  ugg… this is so the wrong time for me to get sick

boston went well.  very well.  so well in fact, we are changing things!  boston was the first of 5 touring retail sales meetings for the management team from our stores.  it seriously did go well, but in so many ways it was certainly a dress rehearsal (being the first)… lots of changes to the music, decor and presentation. 

very little down time in boston – was staying at the fairmont in copley place right across the street from trinity church.  i did get a chance to do a bit of a walk-about last night.  anxious to see if my pic’s turned out

reason #8594 ipods rock.  whilst on the plane today (comp upgrade to first class, can’t beat that) had my ipodcatch‘ on random and was reminded how much i love the album ‘things to make and do’ by the band molokoi’ve always enjoyed that album, but it tends to not be in the forefront for me.  when the track pure pleasure seeker came on, i immediately got a smile on face and restructured catch to play the whole album.  i love moloko’s sense of play and whimsy.  if your not familiar with them, they’re similar in a bunch of ways to goldfrapp, but much lighter.   while the band is alas, no more – it was a great reminder how much i love them.  roisin murphy’s (the singer) new solo album comes out in a couple months – very psyched about that.

here’s the video for the track ‘the time is now’ from the album:

it’s cb’s birthday on sunday.  i finaly figured out what to get him.  it fuckin‘ rocks.  can’t wait for him to see it.  he’s gonna dig it sooooooo much.  i love spoiling my friends. 🙂 

i have another hair show this weekend in minneapolis and then leave for sales meeting number 2 in atlanta monday morning.  as such, posts will continue to be sporadic for a bit.


i got the following email on my blackberry from my office earlier… one can only imagine the horror!


Please be advised that an employee was bitten multiple times by a squirrel last evening near the south entrance to the manufacturing facility as she was walking on the sidewalk.  The employee received a number of bites which required medical care at a hospital.  Animal control was unable to capture the squirrel last night and the Facility and Security Teams are currently attempting to locate the squirrel so that it may be captured.

The squirrel was observed as behaving abnormally by a number of employees last night after the incident and showed no fear of people.  Please be aware of any squirrels that you may come into contact with at the facility that approach you as the squirrel gave no warning.  The Child’s Garden has been advised of the incident and children will not be playing on the playground today.

Additional information on the status of the squirrel will be issued to employees when it becomes available.

Thank you,


a question comes to mind…  how would one know if a squirrel was behaving abnormally or not?  another question.  who are these employees who observed the offending squirrel?  how much time do they have on their hands?

maybe the rocket launcher gave it away?  watch out folk’s there’s a squirrel army on the rise!

wow – what a weekend…  this past weekend saw the start of my busiest time of year (as if i was just twiddling my thumbs before – i know, but i’m about to get insanely busy).

this weekend i supported my team at a training for our educators that flew into minneapolis to learn our fall/winter collection and now i’m about to board a flight to boston where i’m producing a sales meeting….

following that:

thursday i fly home and promptly ramp up for a hair show next weekend in minneapolis. 

monday, i fly to atlanta for another sales meeting.

then i’m home for a week – woo wee, time off.

the friday after labor day, i’m off to detroit for a hair show, then sunday after the show i’m off to baltimore for sales meeting #3. 

home on thursday, then friday – cleveland for a hair show.  directly after the show i’m off again to dallas for #4.

the following monday i’m off to san francisco for the final sales meeting.  then home for a full two weeks before i’m back out on the road to cincinnati for a show…. home for two weeks (and hammer’s wedding), then the final show of the season – miami. 

sshhees, i need a nap just typing that out.

in other news, cb moved to the twin cities last week.  i haven’t had much time to hang with him, but did help him shop for a new tv on friday.  always fun spending other people’s money.

and of course today is his first day at work at his new job in minneapolis, so if you have a minute, send him a note of encouragement here.

see ya’ll in boston!

p.s., i’m exceedingly disturbed that i like the new nickleback tune “rockstar”


after what proved to be an exceedingly long day at work (one of many for the next 6 weeks)  and fighting completely crappy traffic in minneapolis since my primary route fell into the mississippi river – i finally got home and anxiously went to get the mail thinking this was the day i’d get the new entertainment weekly (aka my bible) – did i get the new ew?  no.  i most certainly did not. 

i did however get a copy of the brand new undergear catalog!?

how did i get on that mailing list i wonder?

seriously, if the guys at undergear could see me the would know most certainly i’m not their target audience.  i mean, yea, i’m gay and everything – but i’m not one of those guys.

**warning – blatant stereotype ahead**

yes, i assume they make the magazine purely for euro-fags who live in boystown, the castro and chelsea* and have all the time in the world to go to the gym and then hit all the circuit parties. 

i mean, seriously.  look at this stuff: 




this model kills me – i mean seriously how cheesy is this guy – all rico suave:


and i don’t even know where to begin with this one… oh the hours that must have been spent shaving/waxing/epilading…:


now, with all that done and said – undergear is not without its redeeming qualities… i mean, how hot is this:


it’s like undergear porn.  if i were a 13 yr old with no access to the real thing (or the vhs equivilant), i’d so be all over this in a magazine!

*disclaimer; there are many many many hot guys in boystown, chelsea and the castro who wouldn’t be caught dead in that white number up above… thank god.


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