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ummm… i get bored easily.  so, yea, if i change my format – you’re just going to have to deal mofo. 



ok.  maybe it’s just cause i’m beyond exhausted… working  a lot… just got home and a friend sent me this – it’s incredible.  i had no idea so many gay men had no design sense whatsoever.

check out lurid digs. warning will robinson; not for the faint of heart, the prudish, those offended by the sight of penises or most importantly, those offended by bad taste.  this is decidedly nsfw.

psst… see that lil’ green box over there to the right?  the one that says “add this blog to my technorati favorites” – if you love me (and i know you do), you’ll click it.

go ahead and click baby.

i promise i’ll still love you in the morning.

greetings & salutations – sorry for the lack of posts lately; was on the road and had literally no access to the internet (gasp!) –

lots  of things happening lately and soon i might share something big, but in the meantime, can i just say how fucking much i love having a musical twin in london?  my colleague ian is from the united kingdom and whenever he comes over for a show he tends to bring me prezzies… and this last weekend in dc was no different.

ian and i share a love for all things siouxsie and he brought me the 12″ vinyl of la sioux’s recent into a swan – with two mixes unreleased on cd.  can you say i geeked out at the prospect of new siouxsie?

there was just one challenge tho’ – i haven’t had a turn table for a while (having got rid of much of my vinyl collection years ago). 

::sigh – what the fuck to do?::

well, the obvious answer is to go and be a good american (i was in dc at the time, afterall) and spend valuable money on a vinyl-to-mp3 converter turntable.


(uploading prince & the revolutions ‘love or money – extended version’)

yes, my friends, i’m completely enraptured by old 12″ extended versions by prince, kate bush, siouxsie and more (for example, the divine jill jones rarity – ‘bald man’; my theme song).

so i’m completely giddy happy listening to rare tracks that i haven’t heard in years. 


rushed home from dc just in time to see the sublime johnette napolitano play the entry in minneapolis.  makes me happy.


(sorry johnette, i know you hate it when people take your pic, and you want us all “in the moment”, but it was such a great moment, i couldn’t resist taking a souvenir)

unrelated pt 2:

last night cb came over to watch heroes and i entertained him a bit by showing him an instructional dvd on how to give a guy a brazillian wax.  go here to read the salicious details (he sum’s it up better than i could).

unrelated pt 3:


(don’t try to understand – this is for one person, and one person only)

ok, i really thought i could live with the old template – after all it had everything i wanted, a darker, simple theme with a nice clean layout.

i just couldn’t get past the title header being left-justified.  i’m far to anal about shit like that.  i need there to be balance.  i need things to be centered.  ugg.

things i loved:

  • the white text on a dark grey background

  • the clean, easy to read font.

  • the font size

  • simple navigation

things i hated:

  • the left justified title banner.

so we will be trying this new template.  i don’t **love** the white background, but i think it looks ok.

to thank all of you for my incessant iphone blogging, here’s a little bit of chris evans hotness:

yo.  what up?

sorry i’ve been so quiet the last couple of days… not much to say i guess coupled with the insanity of travel/work.  been kinda in a funk.  i think the mad-travel of the last 2 months is catching up with me.  i feel massively disconnected from home and my friends.  i know life is going on around minneapolis without me and it just kinda seems like i’m missing out on something. 

i’m sitting in a hotel in baltimore (ooh, yer jealous i can tell)… had the night off from work and walked around a bit – not much to see in this town.  not much that i found anyway.  i’m sure it’s lovely (crime rate aside).  i’m looking forward to san francisco next week and even scheduled a couple of extra days in town just for fun.  after that i’m home for a full week (can you imagine?!).  my travel schedule will begin to slow down a bit throughout october, with nothing currently scheduled after october 29th!

it’s amazing when your in the doldrums how easy it is to forget what gives you joy – know what i mean? 

i spent a bit of of time cleaning up my big ipod and adding most of my prince collection to it (prince had for the last year been on his own ipod, but i’m trying to scale down a bit, who needs 3 ipods [let alone 4 with the iphone]?)… so as i was moving the 665 prince songs i own (not including another 125 tunes on a bootleg collection of early prince performances dating back to 1980), i was reminded how much i fuckin’ love prince (yea, i forget sometimes)…. specifically listening to a bootleg show of prince live in germany in 1988 – i’m going out of my mind enjoying this shit…

endorphins are a good thing for kicking out the blues….

thanks for all the great suggestions for names for the new ipod (and rg; wouldn’t you like to know…. :-))… there were some great ones and i almost took jason’s suggestion and named it sioux (after all, it’s crazy sexy with a jet black casing (much like siouxsie sioux), but in the end cb came through with ‘biff’. 

2 of my other 3 ipods are named after characters in christopher moore novels, so it seemed only fitting to continue the trend (my main ipod’s name is ‘catch’ after the demon in ‘practical demonkeeping’, and the prince-pod is named whaley-boy after a group of character’s in ‘fluke’. 

so now we have biff, named after the title character from ‘lamb; the gospel according to biff, christ’s childhood pal’. 

and now, allow me to introduce you to biff (with a very rare self portriat thrown in [if you look closely at the bottom of the pic, you’ll see ‘catch’ hanging out too – god i’m a fuckin’ geek]).


today was just another day right?  just another day to get some work done…. surf some blogs… continue to regal and entertain you all with my pithy posts and stories right? 


the following screen greeted me when i tried to update the pop! today:


great.  the man is against me and against wordpress. 

if they think this will make me work harder, they’re oh so wrong – i’m gonna be even more lazy tomorrow just as a bit of payback.


things i love:

  • tlc’s l.a. ink.  kat von d and her ink slingers are the shit.  i kinda have a crush on her.

  • as much as it pains me to admit, justin is kinda hot.

  • abc family channel’s ‘greek‘ kicks ass.  i’m completely in lust with evan.aqua022506251.jpg (apparently i have a thing for guys with puppy dog eyes)

  • i’m super excited for this movie:

so i’m home from boston with just the slightest beginning of a cold.  ugg… this is so the wrong time for me to get sick

boston went well.  very well.  so well in fact, we are changing things!  boston was the first of 5 touring retail sales meetings for the management team from our stores.  it seriously did go well, but in so many ways it was certainly a dress rehearsal (being the first)… lots of changes to the music, decor and presentation. 

very little down time in boston – was staying at the fairmont in copley place right across the street from trinity church.  i did get a chance to do a bit of a walk-about last night.  anxious to see if my pic’s turned out

reason #8594 ipods rock.  whilst on the plane today (comp upgrade to first class, can’t beat that) had my ipodcatch‘ on random and was reminded how much i love the album ‘things to make and do’ by the band molokoi’ve always enjoyed that album, but it tends to not be in the forefront for me.  when the track pure pleasure seeker came on, i immediately got a smile on face and restructured catch to play the whole album.  i love moloko’s sense of play and whimsy.  if your not familiar with them, they’re similar in a bunch of ways to goldfrapp, but much lighter.   while the band is alas, no more – it was a great reminder how much i love them.  roisin murphy’s (the singer) new solo album comes out in a couple months – very psyched about that.

here’s the video for the track ‘the time is now’ from the album:

it’s cb’s birthday on sunday.  i finaly figured out what to get him.  it fuckin‘ rocks.  can’t wait for him to see it.  he’s gonna dig it sooooooo much.  i love spoiling my friends. 🙂 

i have another hair show this weekend in minneapolis and then leave for sales meeting number 2 in atlanta monday morning.  as such, posts will continue to be sporadic for a bit.


introducing atomic pop-ink! 

your atomic pop! location for all things body modification!  follow my journey down the tattoo path.  additionally, it’s the place to go to find amazing tattoos – some of which are on my friends… some of which are on people i want to be my friend <hehehe>

check out some new blogs to my blog roll – these guys always get me going.

cubland – lot’s and lots of cub’s, oh my!

robocub – hmmm hot hairy guy + robots?  what’s not to love?!

the sean show – hot tattooed music freak…  is it about me?  lol

by the bayou – cb turned me onto this site as he loves christopher moore almost as much as i do.  but what keeps me coming back is the damn dog… so f’ing cute.

edited for television – ok, who doesn’t love siouxsie sioux?  who doesn’t love blogs about her?  ok, ok, i realize just me – but seriously check him out – great pop culture, great gay stuff, great blog.

jeff’s fancy blog – minneapolis boy? check!  prince fan? check! gay guy? check!

superviviente – a really cool blog from a great guy named josh.

urswine addiction – another hot hunky guy; just happens to be witty as hell too.

dulce y peligroso – my current fav blog… this guy rocks.

black coffee & bourbon – this guy is wicked smart and has great perspective.  love it.


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