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as you all know, i produce ceremonies for the red ribbon ride and as i’ve mentioned,  i concepted and produced a video that was shown at this year’s opening ceremonies at the mall of america.  our amazing volunteer video & photography crew (jeff & rita) took my very rough idea and created this very excellent video:


i can honestly say i’m beyond thrilled with the result. 


just a note to the passenger seated in seat 5e on last nights flight from san francisco to minneapolis.

sushi is not an acceptable carry on dinner for a flight. 

now, i love sushi as much as the next guy – but really? 

sushi is not a good a good smell when trapped on a plane next to the freak with the sashimi and bowl of seaweed! 

seriously dude, i’m almost threw up in my mouth a lil’.  next time save your sushi for someplace that’s not sealed tighter than a coffin.


can i just say, i love it when a plan comes together.  fuckin’ love it!

so my show in san francisco was a pretty big deal. 

a) it was the largest show of this type we’ve ever done. 

b) my boss was there to support me.

c) her boss was also there.

d) this was the most high profile show i’ve directed (and the first where my boss and her boss were there to witness it).

all i can say is i hit the ball out of the court.  i’m on cloud nine.  the show went off brilliantly.  all of the long hours were so worth it.

tomorrow is workshop day (where the attendees can pay extra money to take a class by one of the artists that were on stage)… if that goes well, then i’m golden.

outstanding night (plus i made it to virgin and got some more new music…. nothin’ better).



that’s all i gotta say.  (well, not really – after all, it’s me talkin’).

so i’m in san francisco (god i forgot how much i love this city)….

model prep was today (wen’t verywell – so well in fact…:) i got early enough to jump in a cab and head down to amoeba records.

i found a number of treasure (one of which i didn’t even know existed)…

the first up

2 many dj’s / radio soulwax live; get yer yo yo’s out


secondly; the “curated” box set: new order / retro (possibly one of my favorite album covers of all time)


and lastly, the brand-fuckin’-new recoil album subhuman (ray, pay attention!).  i knew this was coming, but had no idea it had been released.


i need to spend some time with my new treasures, i’m sure i’ll post about them more in the future.  off to a late dinner now.  oh, and of course, the virgin megastore is 2 blocks away from me… i’m sure i’ll spend some more cash there tomorrow.

a very special warm birthday wish to my future husband; jeremy piven… :sigh: he’s dreamy.


so yea, i have a blog eh?  suppose i should update it every now and then. 

hi.  how ya been?  mad busy here (same ol’ story)…. a couple of highlights.

  • came off of the red ribbon ride last sunday.  it was an incredible ride.  amazing and bittersweet.  for many reasons, it will probably be my last.  i’m not giving up the cause however, there will be something in my future regarding hiv/aids – something amazing.  and to keep me busy until then, my good friend kari is starting the breast cancer ride; a bike ride to raise much needed funds for a local charity that serves the breast cancer community in minnesota – pretty excited about that. i’m not saying forsure that i won’t be back for the rrr, but i’m ready for new challenges and new ways to support the community.  with kari leaving the ride, i commissioned an incredible video which i hope to get converted to mpeg and will post it as soon as i can.  she’s an amazing woman and i’m truly blessed to count her as a friend.  i’m in awe of what she accomplised on the rrr and can’t wait to see what she does next.


(pic of kari and i on day one; yea, i really am that pale… damn)

  • i’m off to san francisco for a hair show tomorrow – should be great, i really love sf so i can’t wait to get back.  the show will be great and i’m excited to direct it (but more excited that one of my favorite record stores; ameba is in sf… how much damage can i do).
  • had more work done on the never ending tattoo tonight – mostly some more background work and a bit more on the prayer flags – the cool bit tho?  i great zen infitiy circle surrounding my elbow…. sweet ink.


  • i’m about half way thru with harry potter 7… it’s killing me that i’m not reading faster – just been exhausted since i got home from the ride (and in-turn, the global sales meeting)… hoping to finish it on the plane tomorrow.


(picture of one of the crew members of the ride (sophie) who dressed as harry all day on saturday.. how rockin’ is she?)

  • also just bought prince’s latest – planet earth.  so far so good; easily the best thing he’s done in 10 years…. it’s a headphone album tho’ i think – can’t wait to listen to it on the ipod


ok, that’s about it – need to finish laundry and pack for ‘frisco (my god i’m boring)…. ta

hey all

so it’s day 2 on the red ribbon ride (the second largest bike ride for hiv/aids in the country – and the most financially successfull one!!) and i’m in lovely rochester minnesota.  it’s odd that i’ve found an internet connection, but have crap cell phone coverage. 

i’m the ceremonies and entertainment producer on the ride this year (second in this role) and the ride is going quite well.  i was a nervous wreck yesterday morning before opening ceremonies which is weird, as i normally don’t have butterflies before an event.  i think it’s because for the first time i concepted and produced a video piece for opening.  i’ve never done the video thing before (more truthfully, i’ve never concepted a piece before), but it went over very, very well (spontaneous applause a couple of times and a ton of heart-pulling and tears… [can’t.ever.beat.tears – the true test of a great ceremony]).

so tomorrow is a big night for us – we do a “friends & family” night of hiv/aids education.  i’m producing a large night of eduction and entertainment.  we also will be honoring and celebrating our executive director who is leaving the ride after 5 years.  wish me luck.

oh, and of course harry potter 7 comes out tomorrow… i’m sure i’ll be stoping at a target on the way to our next campsite!!

as i referenced a post or two back, i’ve been way ass-deep in the largest meeting we put on at my company for the past week –

rehearsals started last wednesday… load in on friday… awards celebration saturday night… mainstage and breakout sessions sunday and monday followed by ancillary meetings on tuesday.

i started to work on a post about what my day looks like on an event and will finish that up soon (i hope), but in the meantime, tomorrow morning i will be producing opening ceremonies for the red ribbon ride.  the ride will take me away for another 4 days.  not sure where i’ll be with internet access, but if i can, i’ll post.

oh, and if your a cb reader, keep reading his blog for some good news (it’s coming next monday – don’t pester him about it tho’!)

oh, and since i’m insanely f’ing busy – please note this is a harry potter free zone for the next week… no spilling the beans about book 7.

here’s a couple pics from this weekends sales meeting:


dancers from one of the interstitial moments during the awards


sheets of grass for table centerpieces


cool bell and bamboo centerpieces (being assembled)



our vp of sales suspended 50′ in the air during rehearsal (we were rehearsing his entrance for the meeting)


the theater with two video walls installed



blogging via cell phone – how cool! 

as promised – more from live earth.  this one is going to surprise some of you… keith urban (who, i can honestly say, i’ve never actually thought about) had a scorching version of gimme shelter by the rolling stones (my fav stones tune).  the thing that makes this interesting?  alicia keys surprise duet.  man that woman has pipes.

check it out:

hell ya!

ok, been up since 3am working on ride stuff, took a break and decided to troll you tube a bit. 

guess what i found?  the brand-spankin-new siouxsie video for the first single off her new record.  the tune is called ‘into a swan’ and it’s flipping incredible.  more aggressive than siouxsie’s been for a fair bit.  more organic too.  the drums are smokin’ hot (thank you budgie).  and could she look anymore incredible?  wow – she’s 50! 

what a way to start a day!

check it out:

in other music news, i picked up the new mark ronson yesterday – but haven’t listened yet as i also got this incredible new record from the iconic mavis staples called ‘we’ll never turn back’.  that has completely captivated me.


entertainment weekly says: “Staples’ voice outshines all: rich, weathered, and full of fire, sometimes resolving in a cracked tone or a dark, knowing chuckle, her eyes still on the prize.”

and the guardien says: “Staples is magnificent.” 

and indeed she is.

in other exciting news – scott and i are seeing a late showing of harry potter 5 tonight… late cause of course, i’m in rehearsals all day and into the evenin.  can’t wait for that either.


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