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just home from a pretty incredible night.

my colleague vicky just produced a charity screening of raiders of the lost ark; the adaptation

what you may ask is raiders of the lost ark; the adaptation?  i’m glad you asked (no, really).  the film is a shot-by-shot remake of the 1981 original.

here’s the kicker – it took 7 years to shoot and was made by 3 friends who happened to be 12 when they started the remake in 1982 (completed in 1989).

this isn’t just some simple fan film, it’s an amazing tribute to ingenuity, guile and down right balls. 

friends eric zala (director and ‘belloq’), chris strompolos (indy – who i don’t mind telling you i found myself thinking; darn, that boy is cute – then i slapped myself for lusting after a 16 year old) and jayson lamb (“director” of photography and special effects) as well as angela rodriquez (marion) and a cast flushed out by their neighborhood chums – produced an amazing film that was full of surprise after surprise.  of course, the surprises were more about “how the fuck are they going to do x” (fill in the blank with any of the following: rolling ball of death, submarine scene, snake pit and the mother of all sfx; the opening of the ark/melting face scene).  what fun it was to watch them attempt; and more importantly succeed in each and every shot!

of course, raiders is a beloved film and it’s copy-write is hugely important so the filmmakers are careful to only show it for charitable causes.  tonight’s viewing and q&a with the filmmakers was for a local charity that helps kids get into arts – and was a huge success; more than $4000 was raised.

the filmmakers did say that speilberg called and invited them to his office for a meeting… at the end of the meeting, steve apparently said “boys, you actually entertained and inspired me” – how flipping cool is that?

for more about the film go here

for a shot by shot comparison (very cool!) go here

all in all, it was an excellent diversion to an otherwise hard day.



parker in shadow

mood: giddy as a fuckin’ school boy.  🙂

just got two packages in the mail – both containing new music.  doesn’t get much better than that does it?

the first package included the brand-spankin’ new cd (autographed no less) ‘scarred’ by the divine, amazing johnette napolitano (featuring 10 new tracks + two cover’s; coldplay’s ‘the scientist’ and the velvet underground’s ‘all tomorrow’s parties’*).  for more on my love affair with johnette go here or here.


from my first cursory listen of scarred, it’s a beautifully-dark record; equal bits acoustic  and electric.  the key here (as always with the great concrete blonde & pretty & twisted tunes) is johnette’s lyric’s and her deep, throaty voice that’s on the verge of cracking with pain (and more infrequently, joy).  she’s tortured, that’s for sure – but the music is so cathartic, it never feels terribly heavy. 

johnette turns 50 (yes, 50!)** this year (it must mean your getting old when your teen-aged idols are hitting the half century mark), and from my initial listening, her lyric’s are much more self-assured, confident and poetic than perhaps she has been in her youth-full past. 

the reason i’ve always loved johnette is at her core, she’s a storyteller – whether the stories were under the concrete blonde banner or pretty & twisted, it didn’t matter – the stories were still amazing tales of characters and happenings.  i can’t wait to dive into the new one and learn every note.

the second package was a complete and total surprise.  a few month’s ago i had mentioned in passing to my friend ian from london that the creatures (siouxsie’s post-banshee’s project) put out a cd in the u.k called ‘tivoli utrecht 06/03/90′ a live recording from their boomerang world tour in 1990. 


well low and behold i got a lovely package from london containing the box set (also featuring a postcard and 3 badges):


as a complete surprise, ian also got for me the cd release of the creatures first post banshee tune ‘sad cunt’ from 1998 (it was a fan club only release back in the day).  now, i have ‘sad cunt’ on vinyl 45, but i’ve never heard it as i do not currently have a turntable set up – very excited to finally hear this rarity (+ it’s two b-sides).


here’s a shot of the actual cd – can i just say i’m in love with the man-graphic.  that would make a great tattoo!  i’m just sayin’:


so there you go – lots of new music to listen to for me.  happy me!  life don’t get much better than gettin’ new (surprise) music in the mail!

* interesting side note, the creatures have also covered ‘all tomorrow’s parties’

** siouxsie sioux also turns 50 this year


 charles nelson reilly

an icon has passed.  charles nelson reilly died this weekend after a long bout with pneumonia. 

of course, most of us know him from his wacky stints on the tonight show or the match game, but did you know he was a tony award winning actor (and tony nominated director)?  i sure didn’t.

i remember being very fond of him as a boy – there was something so genuine, so playful on those old match game episodes.  it’s sad that he got so type-cast and that most didn’t get to know that he was also a serious actor and director.

sure he was extrodinarily flamboyant and obvious.  but i can tell you, as a young boy struggling to understand he was different (read: gay) it was amazingly comfortable knowing there were gay people out and about in the world.  even if i didn’t know what it was that made him (or me) different.

i remember thinking he was such an incredible “force” – i always liked his episodes the best.

the most powerful aspect of it all?  he is survived by his partner of more than 25 years (giving us all hope), patrick hughes.

for an incredible eulogy check out the following:  charles nelson reilly / l.a. times

this is simply – brilliant.

i’ve often wondered why doesn’t cater to the gay’s and lesbians of the world (perhaps, according to them, we don’t deserve love – did you know that the founder of eharmony neil clark warren is an evangelical christian with ties to james dobson’s hateful focus on the family?).

anyway, this new venture;, is awesome – if only for their advertising.  if i was in the market for a bf, i’d so support them. 

did i watch pan’s labyrinth?  no.

did i watch the prestige?  no.

did i finish putting together my apartment & de-clutter/detoxify it?  no.

instead i went out and had a rip-roaring good time with james and a couple of his friends. 

first up we went to jetset for a drink or two, then onto the saloon – i’ve not been to the saloon in about 5 years, and oh my god do i feel old.  however, we had a blast just hanging out in the video bar and having a drink (or 8).  at one point james got so excited when a song came on he actually fell off his bar-stool.

as much as i’m a planner (hello! it’s my job for christ-sakes), and james is much more spur of the minute – it felt good to be spur of the minute last night.  i don’t do that nearly enough.

so then today is all about finishing my apartment detox.  it’s a little overwhelming right now, but it will feel so damn good when it’s done.

what a fuckin’ great day so far; waking up next to james – the sun is out, the replacements are playing on the ipod, parker’s running around like a mad kitty terrorizing the clutter. 

a good day 🙂

oh, and just cause i like to brag – check out the boy… ain’t he cute as shit? 



(click the pic to go to the page)

“shut your raggedy-ass up, and sit the fuck down!” – jackie brown

jackie brown, quentin tarantino’s flawed, yet brilliant follow up to pulp fiction is indeed the shit.  in fact, i find it a far better film to pulp fiction’s overly melodramatic multi-storied action.  word’s can’t really sum up how much i love this movie… i love it so much that i just sat through the edited for tv version (tarantino edited for tv?  that’s just wrong on so many levels) and i still dug it.

from the sublime pam grier in the title role, to the cameo’s that make this this movie (including micheal keaton’s atf agent, robert deniro’s doped out ex con & bridget fonda’s surfer girl).  can’t forget this is based on a elmore leonard book; one of these days i’m gonna read his shit – if it’s half as good on the page as it is on screen, it’ll be a great read.

if you’ve not seen this (or believed the hype that it wasn’t as good as pulp fiction), i urge you to take a second look – and if you have seen it, it’s time to revisit it baby. 

“This is the movie that proves Tarantino is the real thing, and not just a two-film wonder boy. It’s not a retread of “Reservoir Dogs” or “Pulp Fiction,” but a new film in a new style, and it evokes the particular magic of Elmore Leonard–who elevates the crime novel to a form of sociological comedy. There is a scene here that involves the ex-con Louis (Robert De Niro) and Ordell’s druggie mistress (Bridget Fonda) discussing a photograph pinned to the wall, and it’s so perfectly written, timed and played that I applauded it.” – roger ebert

it’s been a weird saturday for me… james and i had an odd conversation last night that just makes me wonder a bit where he’s at.  everything’s fine and we had a great talk today, but all-in-all, it’s a hard place for me to be in when i don’t know what’s what. 

it’s going to prove to be a brilliant buddhist experiment for me to just let go and let this unfold naturally, organically and to let it just “be”. 

i’m supposed to go to a party tonight, but i’m just not feeling it.  instead, i’m going to do a bit of physical spring cleaning and start to detoxify my surroundings.  it’s amazing how much crap one can accumulate.  it’s time to get rid of the shit i don’t use on a consistent basis.

after all, you can’t really find peace when your surroundings are packed to the gill and, metaphorically speaking, threatening to rain down and trip you up right?

picked up pan’s labryinth the other day – if i get my apartment into some semblance of order tonight, i may kick back and get lost in del toro’s masterpiece.  and i still have the prestige to watch… mmm double feature on the couch?  would be better if james was here, but still ain’t half bad.

from the catagory of “did the world really need this?” may i present – 12″ love doll action figures featuring the boys from prison break.  looks like the billy doll has finally evolved (i wonder if lincoln and michael are anatomically correct like billy?).

lincoln1.jpg michael.jpg

fyi; in order to bring lincoln and michael into your bedroom home, you better save up your pennies…. each doll will set you back about $109 (that’s over $9 per inch).

i so guarentee you cb wants these things (and trust me, you don’t wanna think about what he would do with ’em).

‘hi there’ appears on the 1986 release big time by the amazing peter gabriel!!


ok, i knew it would be easy, and i was pretty sure that jason would be the one to get it (or cb), but damn boy – you found me within a half hour of activating the new blog and you rocked the contest…

i’ll create the cd this weekend and send it off after the holiday.


hi there.

well it looks like you found me…. thanks for making your way over from sr…sl.  i greatly appreciate your comin’ along for the ride (kindly update your favorites/blogroll’s).

so why the new blog?  why the new name right? 

well, a couple of reasons really:

a) i get board easily

b) stageright…stageleft is kinda cumbersome

c) i’ve always felt an affinity for the phrase atomic pop! (always with the !, ya gotta have the ! otherwise it’s a lil’ pop – and i like big pop’s).  if i were to ever open a record store (or start a record label) it would be called atomic pop!

d) i felt somewhat trapped with sr…sl, and wanted to spend more time talking about the things that get me mentally-hard; pop culture (my friend (and reader) stacey is fond of saying that i have a huge file full of completely useless pop-culture information in my brain.  more than anyone should have really).  as much as sr….sl was completely about me, i felt limited (yes, of course i realize that it was self imposed limits, but limited just the same) with the amount of pop culture stuff i could post there.  atomic pop!, will not have that problem.

i should note that this new identity will still talk about all the things i talked about over @ sr…sl; things like james, hair shows, politics, the mind-numbling boredom of my day-to-day.  but now i get to start fresh.  it’s kinda like buying a new suit, only the outsides have changed, the insides are the same as always.

truth be told, i had wanted to change names for a long-time.  it just seemed to work out that i put a bullet in the head of sr…sl at the one-year mark and let atomic pop! rise out of it’s ashes (‘course the bullet just grazed sr…sl, you never know when he might roar back to life).


contest #1

(did  i mention there’d be contests?)

see that underground sign up there at the top?  first person to tell me what song the word’s “hi there” appear in receive a copy of the shiny pop-music compliation cd atomic pop! #1 featuring my favorite music!  (here’s a hint – it’s from a song that was released in 1986)

ooh, are you excited? i know you are!


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