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with hat tip to v-hold…. brilliant:


updated ink

head over to to get a look at the lastest prince video (for the song ‘chelsea rodgers’) – the vid itself isn’t that great (tho’ it does have some nice moments), but it’s the best song off his latest ‘planet earth’ and it heavily features the divine shelby j. on lead vox.  (fyi, it was filmed live during matthew williamson’s recent london fashion week show)…


MATTHEW WILLIAMSONIF you’re coming home after five years on the New York schedule – to an exhibition feting your decade of success in the industry, no less – you’ve got to make an impression… How to really get noticed? How about Prince performing from his seat in the front row? That just about did it for Matthew Williamson this morning. A tent in Eaton Square shook with the tension of a style World Cup as the fashion glitterati hustled for their closer-than-close front row seats; squeals of excitement and cheering from backstage gave us a clue that something mega was about to happen… and then a couple of Motown backing singers (microphone afro and lash-to-brow eye glitter – we’re talking the real deal…), took to the stage and we didn’t know whether to sit and clap or stand up and dance.All of a sudden identical twin dancers, in purple silk shifts with silver sashes, appeared to perform pop dressage down the catwalk with Prince himself singing his latest song from his seat in the

front row. Until then, knowing as we did that he’d been in town for the Couture Gala last night (wearing white Versace), we assumed he’d just come to support Williamson (and hide his Gala hangover behind those glossy black shades and matching trilby) – but now we hear the whole thing will serve as Prince’s new video, no less. From front row to MTV… It was a serious fashion moment, dahlink – and Williamson gave himself a job to live up to the moment with his new collection after such an eye-popping opener.(September 19 2007, AM)

Dolly Jones

home from miami – for a while.. i’m anxious to get back to day-to-day life. 

i was thrilled when i got home when i opened my mailbox and this greeted me:


now, firstly – ew is my bible.  i read it cover to cover.  i love it.  but to be greated with the perfection that is mr. crowe – well hmmm if that didn’t just make my day, not much else will.  i loves me some russell.  god he’s


for some cool as shit graphics check this out:

it’s an alternative version of the video for siouxsie’s ‘into a swan’.  i’ve loved that mirror effect since prince and the revolution did it for the ‘when doves cry’ video… i think it’s used well here.

copies of a couple blake lewis tracks (the 6th cut off of last season’s american idol) circulating around the net… i gave a quick listen to ‘break another’ and ‘know my name’.  of the two, ‘break another’ has a bit of potential. it’s typical pop-fluff mixed with a bit of disco and of course, that scat singing that blake’s known for.  ‘know my name’ however is complete dreck.

speaking of dreck, the new britney came out today. 


now – i’ve given the album a listen (no i didn’t pay for it – it’s everywhere on the net)… and i gotta say, it’s not quite the disaster i thought it might be (color me surprised).   that said however – that album cover is terrible [the girl/record company machine has never done great cover art].  the album itself is full of beats (toxic was certainly a precurser to this highly electronic album) and there are some pretty slammin tunes… let’s face it however, this is less to do with britney as much as it’s about her producers (bloodshy & avant (from ‘toxic’), the clutch & the neptunes).

there’s an urgency to these hook heavy/slamming dance-floor tracks… killer loops – hot production, and utterly disposable – all at the same time (but really isn’t that fairly normal in today’s next-best-thing world)… time will tell if the album holds up well – but for now, it’s the perfect summertime record (wait – time to check the calender… last time i checked these kind of jam’s fair better in summertime)… the nice thing here is that for a couple of tracks you forget that she’s a trainwreck… and you remember this is a girl that is capable of a funtime dance jam… it’s nice to get lost in pop-fluff every now and then…

…at least until i need some substance…. speaking of where did i put that me’shell ndegeocello record…?

*don’t you think that’s probably the first time siouxsie & britney have been mentioned in the same breath?  lol

day one – over.  i’m backstage waiting for the show to start – in a lull.  i like lull’s.

day one – a smashing success… word is it’s the best show we’ve ever done (including the small fact during the show we had a false fire alarm).

problem is we’ve set the bar very high for future events.  the technical aspect of this show is massive – we had over 190 technical queues yesterday, and about a hundred today.  average show is an 100, give or take.

this theater is stunning – tho’ so not set up for a hair show… here’s a shot of part of the built in lighting rig.  i love this shot: 


here’s a rare shot of me posing with one of our models.  for those of you top model fanatics, it’s janet – kicked off in last weeks episode:


 more when i’m home in minneapolis tomorrow.






yo’ ‘sup?

sorry for the lack of posts – i’m in miami for the final show of my exceedingly busy show season – it’s been a helluva couple months.  i’m staying in a craptacular radisson with shitty access to internet.


it’s 2007.  internet access is not hard to manage.

i’m just sayin’.

it’s now 8:18pm – been in this theater since 7am this morning.  i’ll be in here for at least the next 3 hours finalizing the script…

the show starts tomorrow mornin @ 9am – ends monday at 1pm. 

long – but great day…

more later

p.s., the above pic – that’s the raw theater space we’re in… the knight concert hall –

beautiful space.  really stunning.

with apologies to non-cat people, and hat-tip to alexander – this is fucking brilliant (and completely true to life):

ok, well not really fully naked, but semi-naked is still good….


happy birthday ryan.  come blow out your candle <eg>…


he makes me want to be a better person… (and grow my beard back)

see that lil’ link over there to the right?  the one that says ‘current’.  click it.

it features my current obsession in musical form.  ladytron’s ‘destroy everything you love’ – it’s fab!  really! 

‘course it’s moody and kinda dark – but i like it.  it kinda describes me right now.  tho’ it’s not really about me, it’s more about a situation from my perspective.

it’s neat how song’s can sum up your thoughts eh?

oh, and two links down from ‘current’ is a hot lil’ link called ‘tattoo’s’.  ya might wanna check that one out too – some hot ink there.


so my friend christopher picked this up on a lark as he thought it looked a bit like me:


it does rather look a bit like me don’t you think? 

this is one of those lil’ guys where you put a blob of play-doh in the “head” (ahem, body cavity) and then insert the feet bit into the lil’ guy and he miraculously grows hair (boy i wish i could get plugged like that and grow hair!)


but… and here’s the interesting bit (goes back to the “getting plugged” bit above):


that’s the play-doh kyle with the feet bit separated from the body bit.  ummm…. anyone notice anything interesting about them-there feet?

a lil’ phalic no? 

me think’s our friends at hasbro have some ‘splaining to do.

— music heard while writing:

siouxsie – into a swan/hard version

siouxsie & the banshees – happy house, tenent & trophey


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