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just finished packing – so i’m in that weird neverland between having something to do and not having anything to do. so what am i doing then? looking for pictures of a naked christopher meloni. woof.

it’s christopher’s birthday today – he’s a studly 47 today. happy birthday man.

so in my own perverted way – i choose to celebrate and honor this auspicious day by showing you pictures of a very sexy meloni (and yea, there’s a naked one too – so if your offended by prison/shower sex, click here).







ok, now i’m re-thinking my future husband… here’s nick beyeler – world arobics champion and model and woofing-hot



he’s bi too so i at least have a tiny chance ūüôā

nick – call me!

many of you enjoyed the ‘men of hgtv’ post a couple weeks back.¬† well as i was enjoying my morning toast and flipping channel’s – i landed on tlc’s trading spaces spin off ‘while you were out’.¬† always a fun little show (today there were giving a condo to a down-on-his-luck father and 10 year old son (open tear floodgates…now!) – but i was specifically reminded how f’ing hot the guys are on this show.¬† allow me to provide examples:

evan farmer…. the host.¬† funny, affable and always willing to take off his shirt:




next up; andrew dan jumbo – carpenter #1:



and then there is carpenter #2, jason cameron – former falcon model… err… men’s health model… just look at the guns (the rest ain’t bad either):






woof.¬† may buddha bless home improvement shows! ūüôā

this really looks to have everything we had hoped the new bionic woman could have been:

i was never¬†the biggest¬†terminator fan, but the story is an interesting one.¬† and i love love love that summer glau (she of the amazing firefly/serenityfame) plays the good terminator in it.¬† i’ll watch anything with her in it!

the advance press for this fox tv series has been pretty positive.  could be just the post-apocolyptic female ass kicking show we wished bionic woman was.

hey kids, still sick here – so nothing terribly interesting to read, but maybe you’ll appreciate something interesting to see:


well, the first flu bug of the season has attacked.¬† as such, i’m holed up on my couch under a comfy blanky, with juice and kleenex near by…¬† my ritual when sick is to watch hours and hours of hgtv¬†in between¬†naps.¬†

as i’ve been watching today, i’ve been reminded how many uber-hot guys there are on hgtv and as nobody really wants to hear about my being sick, i thought i’d present you a smattering of super hot guys from hgtv (if only there were a calender like this!):


rick spence / curb appeal

rick spence is the perfect man.¬† in every way.¬† he’s hunky and handsome, while acerbically witty with a super hot butt (not to mention package!).¬† i won’t watch the episodes of curb appeal that he doesn’t host.¬† there’s just no reason too – the other hosts are horrid.¬† hgtv, take a hint from tlc (they’re bringing page davis back to host trading spaces) and re-install rick as the sole host of the show.


carter oosterhouse / carter can



where to begin?¬† carter of course got his start on tlc’s trading spaces – but now has his very own show on hgtv, ‘carter can’.¬† i’ll just say, carter can do anything to me he likes.¬† tho’ he should always do the show shirtless.


steve watson / don’t sweat it

i first fell for steve on the show “monster house” and now i see he’s moved to hgtv to host ‘don’t sweat it’ – i haven’t seen it yet, but i’m enjoying the frequent commercials i’ve seen today.¬† he can sweat it up any time. (he’s got an amazing butt)



lee snijders / design on a dime

lee’s an anomaly for me – he’s a bit of a pretty boy, but damn he’s sexy.¬† when he’s gettin’ down and dirty in work pants and tight t-shirts, i’m glued to the tube.


dave sheinkoph / design on a dime

i’ve talked about dave before – he’s dreamy…. :sigh:¬† again, he’s the perfect mix of hunky/handsome and funny.¬† the perfect mix for me


matt watson / design guys

mmm…. what a hunky side of beefy goodness.


paul daly / divine design

paul is amazingly hot (this picture does not begin to do him justice damnit)… great guns, awesome face, sexy body – woof.¬† woof.¬† and woof.

ok, well not really fully naked, but semi-naked is still good….


happy birthday ryan.¬† come blow out your candle <eg>…


he makes me want to be a better person… (and grow my beard back)

so my friend christopher picked this up on a lark as he thought it looked a bit like me:


it does rather look a bit like me don’t you think?¬†

this is one of those lil’ guys where you put a blob of play-doh in the “head” (ahem, body cavity)¬†and then insert the feet bit into the lil’ guy and he miraculously grows hair (boy i wish i could get plugged like that and grow hair!)


but… and here’s the interesting bit (goes back to the “getting plugged” bit above):


that’s the play-doh kyle with the feet bit separated from the body bit.¬† ummm…. anyone notice anything interesting about them-there feet?

a lil’ phalic no?¬†

me think’s our friends at hasbro have some ‘splaining to do.

— music heard while writing:

siouxsie – into a swan/hard version

siouxsie & the banshees – happy house, tenent & trophey

ok, i really thought i could live with the old template – after all it had everything i wanted, a darker, simple theme with a nice clean layout.

i just couldn’t get past the title header being left-justified.¬† i’m far to anal about shit like that.¬† i need there to be balance.¬† i need things to be centered.¬† ugg.

things i loved:

  • the white text on a dark grey background

  • the clean, easy to read font.

  • the font size

  • simple navigation

things i hated:

  • the left justified title banner.

so we will be trying this new template.¬† i don’t **love** the white background, but i think it looks ok.

to thank all of you for my incessant iphone blogging, here’s a little bit of chris evans hotness:

i know where my bread is buttered – you lot, you love to see nearly naked chris evans (132 people clicked¬†clicked on the last chris post on saturday)¬†and i’m here to do give you what you want….

without further delay:



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