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first off, an update on the “anxious situation” – at the end of the night all was fine (as of course, i knew it would be)… the event was a huge success…. and of course, i looked fine.  it was a “funky” black tie affair so you saw everything and anything.  in the end, i just hung out with my friend stacey – we dished on other folks, generally caught up with each others lives and had a fun time.  we did mingle a bit, and saw some friends – but there were 1400 people there; a bit hard to mingle. 

meant to get a pic or two of me all dressed up – alas, that never happened.  but here’s a blurry/shadowy self portrait of stacey and myself:


yesterday, cb had his premier with a local concert band.  my friend scott tagged along with me and we met cb and the infamous “jim” for lunch before hand.  after lunch, we went to the concert where we met up with cb’s step mother, joanne who i’ve met a couple of times and quite like.  it was fun watching cb get nervous about the concert – but all in all he shouldn’t have been…. the band was quite good (‘tho, the copeland was a bit off).  it was cool after all this time to actually see him do his thing with a band.

here’s a quick pic of the performance.  note, cb blowin’ his horn:


after the concert i had to rush of for a ::gasp:: date.  the date went well.  if things continue to go well, i’m sure you’ll read more about it here!



so i’m home from boston with just the slightest beginning of a cold.  ugg… this is so the wrong time for me to get sick

boston went well.  very well.  so well in fact, we are changing things!  boston was the first of 5 touring retail sales meetings for the management team from our stores.  it seriously did go well, but in so many ways it was certainly a dress rehearsal (being the first)… lots of changes to the music, decor and presentation. 

very little down time in boston – was staying at the fairmont in copley place right across the street from trinity church.  i did get a chance to do a bit of a walk-about last night.  anxious to see if my pic’s turned out

reason #8594 ipods rock.  whilst on the plane today (comp upgrade to first class, can’t beat that) had my ipodcatch‘ on random and was reminded how much i love the album ‘things to make and do’ by the band molokoi’ve always enjoyed that album, but it tends to not be in the forefront for me.  when the track pure pleasure seeker came on, i immediately got a smile on face and restructured catch to play the whole album.  i love moloko’s sense of play and whimsy.  if your not familiar with them, they’re similar in a bunch of ways to goldfrapp, but much lighter.   while the band is alas, no more – it was a great reminder how much i love them.  roisin murphy’s (the singer) new solo album comes out in a couple months – very psyched about that.

here’s the video for the track ‘the time is now’ from the album:

it’s cb’s birthday on sunday.  i finaly figured out what to get him.  it fuckin‘ rocks.  can’t wait for him to see it.  he’s gonna dig it sooooooo much.  i love spoiling my friends. 🙂 

i have another hair show this weekend in minneapolis and then leave for sales meeting number 2 in atlanta monday morning.  as such, posts will continue to be sporadic for a bit.

so yea, i have a blog eh?  suppose i should update it every now and then. 

hi.  how ya been?  mad busy here (same ol’ story)…. a couple of highlights.

  • came off of the red ribbon ride last sunday.  it was an incredible ride.  amazing and bittersweet.  for many reasons, it will probably be my last.  i’m not giving up the cause however, there will be something in my future regarding hiv/aids – something amazing.  and to keep me busy until then, my good friend kari is starting the breast cancer ride; a bike ride to raise much needed funds for a local charity that serves the breast cancer community in minnesota – pretty excited about that. i’m not saying forsure that i won’t be back for the rrr, but i’m ready for new challenges and new ways to support the community.  with kari leaving the ride, i commissioned an incredible video which i hope to get converted to mpeg and will post it as soon as i can.  she’s an amazing woman and i’m truly blessed to count her as a friend.  i’m in awe of what she accomplised on the rrr and can’t wait to see what she does next.


(pic of kari and i on day one; yea, i really am that pale… damn)

  • i’m off to san francisco for a hair show tomorrow – should be great, i really love sf so i can’t wait to get back.  the show will be great and i’m excited to direct it (but more excited that one of my favorite record stores; ameba is in sf… how much damage can i do).
  • had more work done on the never ending tattoo tonight – mostly some more background work and a bit more on the prayer flags – the cool bit tho?  i great zen infitiy circle surrounding my elbow…. sweet ink.


  • i’m about half way thru with harry potter 7… it’s killing me that i’m not reading faster – just been exhausted since i got home from the ride (and in-turn, the global sales meeting)… hoping to finish it on the plane tomorrow.


(picture of one of the crew members of the ride (sophie) who dressed as harry all day on saturday.. how rockin’ is she?)

  • also just bought prince’s latest – planet earth.  so far so good; easily the best thing he’s done in 10 years…. it’s a headphone album tho’ i think – can’t wait to listen to it on the ipod


ok, that’s about it – need to finish laundry and pack for ‘frisco (my god i’m boring)…. ta

i tend to like lazy weekends.  they are my preference.  and more often than not, my reality.

however, some cosmic aligning of the stars is happening even as you read and i’m busy as fuck.

friday night i had the most amazing dinner with my good friend stacey at the posh cafe lurcat.  the company that owns lurcat is one of the premier caterer’s in the twin cities and as such, i use them a lot.  very nicely, they gave me a gift card for a nice amount to thank me for our business.  can i just say that it’s a lovely experience to be able to go out for a great dinner (including tasty kobe beef, which ain’t cheap) and not even consider money even a little bit?  now, i’m not rich, but i’m certainly not poor and i do try to live within some sort of a budget – but damn, you gotta love not sweating the almighty $ to enjoy some drinks and a great meal.

yesterday i had more work done on the neverending tattoo (i can see the light at the end of the tunnell tho’ thank god)… this time we were working on the inner arm near the elbow.  the area, well let’s just say, feels a bit like raw meat today.  to the eight auspicious symbols, the blowing lotus and cherry blossom flowers and the tibetan prayer flags already etched in my arm, we added a vajra (a tool that symbolically destroys all kinds of ignorance, and itself is indestructible).  check it out:


then last night, i had dinner with scott and saw the fantastic 4; rise of the silver surfer.  according to the movie’s own press, they realized they fucked up the first one and wanted to fix this one and make a movie the fan’s would like.  well, in my opinion, they failed again.  it was just poorly made, thudding dialogue, bad acting.  the special effects were great of course, and chris evan’s, well he’s just hot and so much fun to watch – but the movie on a whole sucked.  don’t waste your time or money.

the best part of the movie?  the brand-spankin’ new harry potter and the order of the pheonix trailer.  i love the books so much and phoenix is definatly one of my favorites.  july is going to be a great month; first the movie and then the final book.  i’m so excited to see how they translate that book to screen – if the trailer is any hint, they did a great job…


today, i’m off to the stone arch festival of the art’s where smartcar is showing (and more importantly allowing test drives) – i’m anxious to finally try one of these cars.  i love going to europe and seeing all the smartcar’s.  they’re stylish and most importantly, super eco-friendly.

then off to mom’s to help her for a bit.

then i have a meeting regarding ceremonies for the red ribbon ride.

then tonight, cb arrives for his job interview – dinner & drinks with him.

whew, i’m tired just typing it all out.  🙂

dear j.,

as near as i can tell, it’s been about 5 years since we went our separate ways.  yet, here we are all these years later and rare is the day that you don’t cross my mind at least once.

in fact you’ve been in my mind much more as of late; of course, some of that can be attributed to my recent trip to phoenix – i don’t know, do you even live there any longer?  i don’t mind telling you i was a bit trepidatious heading to your city – what would we say to each other if we ran into each other?  of course the chances of running into you are a hundred to one, but really, the net of it is i miss you.

i just woke up from a dream that featured you.  it was very nice and comforting.  it makes me miss you even more.

so i’m not even sure what ever happened between us.  of course, your relationship with b took some of the energy, and i expected that.  and then you and b moved to phoenix, of course more of the energy went there.  and that last visit of mine to phoenix to surprise you for your 30th birthday, well let’s be honest – that was just strained.  and  then you just stopped responding to my calls and emails.  to this day, i don’t really know what happened.

we had begun to stray from each other even on that trip.  i mean, i was always less into the wild party scene’s than you (that never seemed to be a problem before), but even on that trip it seemed that the chasm was deepening and by the end of that weekend, i think we could barely stand each other.

that trip, when i look back on it, makes me very sad.  you were the grace to my will (or in truth, much more the karen to my jack) – we were so tight for so long…life without you in it is just a little less interesting.

certainly it wouldn’t be too far from the truth if b was the cause of some of the challenges; i mean, i never particularly cared for how he treated you (you deservesomeone so much better – but hey, it’s not my relationship so i tried to stay out of it, i really did), and it was always pretty clear that he at best, tolerated me.  run-on sentences aside, if that really was the reason our friendship ended, it makes me even sadder.  i mean, to let a guy come between us?  that’s just so hollywood, so cliche.

i don’t even know, are you still with him?  i know you loved him, and i loved seeing you in love – that part always made me happy, i just wish i could have liked him as much as some of your other boyfriends. 

someone very close to me just told me the other night that with me, it’s all or nothing – there’s no grey area and i guess that’s true.  at least with you it was.  i know the minute i started feeling like i wasn’t valued in your life, my ego got bruised and i said a big fat fuck offto the whole thing (i can be so god-damned stubborn).  of course that was the wrong response.  maybe i should have called you and said ‘hey, where are we at’.  at the end of the day of course, i can’t change the past – i can only learn from the lessons, right?  for me, it was like, ‘fine, if she doesn’t want me in her life, i don’t need her in mine’.  but at the end of the day, my life was always more interesting with you in it.

so i guess what i’m saying is i’m sorry.  i’m sorry for the part of all this that i could have, natch, should have handled differently.

this is my way of letting go of all the energy / sadness / anger / disappointment.

maybe one day our roads will cross again, who knows right?  as cheesy as it is, i still think about you and wonder about you and where your life has taken you. 

at the end of the day, i do hope your happy.  that’s all i ever wanted for you.

love always (no matter how big the distance is),


p.s., johnette is playing minnapolis on monday.  i’m going of course.  but i’m sure to be thinking of that one night where you and i were crushed up against the stage at first ave.  watching cb, what a night that was. 

-“thinking of you underneath the mexican moon” ~ concrete blonde “mexican moon”

– “she was asking about you again, your llorona / so what should I tell her, so
what should I say? she thinks you are coming back, your llorona
she swears you are coming back to her one day.” – concrete blonde “your llorona”



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