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today is the second anniversary of this blog. yay me! who’d have thunk it possible?

the traditional gift for the second anniversary is cotton. send prezzies 🙂


nwa and delta have announced that they are merging and will create a “new global airline“.  sounds good on paper/website, but we will have to wait and see….

i really hope my miles are safe.



in other news:  day 2 was just as successful as day one.  double yay me.

more news: hey, guess what – i’m packing.  flying to berlin tomorrow.

in even more news: michelle bachmann is a twit:

from the star tribune, opinion page (the blog house, tim o’brien)


headline: bachmann: freedom from the light bulb tyrants!

Michele Bachmann doesn’t believe in a right to privacy, but she does believe in a right to incandescent light bulbs.

How many members of Congress does it take to change a light bulb? Americans may soon find out, courtesy of a contrarian piece of legislation introduced this month by Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

Titled the “Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act,” the bill seeks to repeal the nationwide phase-out of conventional light bulbs, the kind that have been used for more than a century — pretty much since the invention of the incandescent light bulb.

Bachmann, a first-term Republican, is challenging the nation’s embrace of energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights, saying the government has no business telling consumers what kind of light bulbs they can buy…

For her, changing a light bulb should remain a matter of personal freedom.  “I was just outraged that Congress would want to substitute its judgment for the judgment of the American people,” she said. “It struck me as a massive Big Brother intrusion into our homes and our lives.

When I first read this article, I thought this was just another example of Michele Bachmann being slightly nutty. But the more I think about it, the more outrageous her advocacy for this bill becomes. Here is Bachmann, the anti-gay rights crusader in chief, running around warning about Big Brother intruding into our homes. Absurd.

Apparently, Bachmann is fine with Big Brother poking his head into the bedrooms of gay people, but he better stay away from their light fixtures. Put it another way, Bachmann thinks that homosexuals have a right to incandescent light bulbs, but don’t have a right to be free from discrimination in the workplace.

and no, this isn’t an april fools joke.  twit!

in a heartbeat.

from the studio briefing on

Australian media company Village Roadshow has disclosed that tickets for its deluxe Gold Star Cinemas will go for $35 apiece when the theaters open in the U.S. The Hollywood Reporter said today (Wednesday) that the company is planning to open 50 such theaters in this country over the next 5 years, with the first to open in suburban Chicago this year, featuring reserved seating (only 40 seats per theater), special parking, and “upscale” food service by waiters in the auditoriums. “It’s an absolutely different environment than anything else that exists,” Village Roadshow CEO Graham Burke told the trade paper. Village Roadshow has already opened some 100 Gold Class theaters in Australia, Singapore and Greece.

imagine, not rushing to the theater, not waiting in lines, not siting in a tight room like flying coach to singapore.  decent food – no lines – small crowds, i am so there!

firstly, i present you with the brand new portishead tune ‘machine gun‘ – from their upcoming album third. (hat tip to timo over at edited for television for posting the video first).

it’s not at all what i was expecting – but i’m seriously digging this tune. fucking dark and hard mixed with that voice. that amazing, wonderful voice. ummm… beth, geoff & adrian, why oh why did you have to wait 11 years since your last album? this is perfection.

now the bad news. portishead is playing berlin on april 3. that’s the day i arrive and i even have the night off. yay, right? no.

the. fucking. show. is. sold. out.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i need a ticket for this show. the chances of them playing minneapolis are nil. i can’t go to coachella (ed. note, this in and of itself sucks. not only is portishead playing, but so are goldfrapp, m.i.a., mark ronson, love & rockets, metric and the breeders. double grrrr.) this year either. so this is my only shot.

i’m praying to the musical gods of the internet. somebody, anybody – get me a ticket to this show!!!!!!



ok, i realize this isn’t as bad as some of you suv drivin’ folks (that’s your problem for buying a damn suv).  but still it’s a lot of money for my little mazda 3. 





i haven’t blogged much about this, but truth be told i hate where i live.  hate! 

the shortlist of reasons why:

  • unresponsive management team
  • loud (sexually generous) neighbor’s
  • annoying neighbor’s who don’t understand if your going to live in a 100 year old apartment building you willhear your upstairs (me) neighbor’s tv
  • bullshit response to vandalism by the management company
  • maintenance company leaving my apartment unlocked for 5 days while i was out of town
  • clothes/laundry detergent stolen from laundry room

now, true – most of these issues probably happen in most apartment buildings, but this has become such a horrible place to live – i can’t stand it.  add the list to the fact i’m in a neighborhood i don’t particularly love and you quickly figure out it’s time to move.  (plus my lease is up june 30).

besides, it’s all the rage, jason moved last year, cb moved last fall, alexander moved last month – i’m just keeping up!.

the shortlist of what i’m looking for:

  • modern construction (the charm of 100 year old buildings only lasts so long – is it bad that i want a dishwasher?!?)
  • (there are a couple of historic properties i would consider)
  • loft or open floorplan would be nice.
  • concrete floors (or really solid constuction for noise prevention)
  • uptown minneapolis, downtown minneapolis (north loop included) or downtown st. paul
  • underground parking
  • laundry in unit
  • no i’m not ready to buy. don’t remind me how screwed i am for not owning.

so let the great apartment hunt 2008 begin. 

i’m officially done with winter.  this was the scene this morning on my 50 minute commute to the office (normally 25 minutes max):



(note, 4 lanes of rush hour traffic + mergeing to two lanes = fun)



(note, that’s gonna hurt) 

ok, in the back of my mind i’ve been keeping track of things i wanted to post, but of course, i can’t remember any of them.  ugg… getting older sucks – i’ve got to start writing things down.

so in the meantime – i had a pretty kick ass weekend….

on friday of course you know that cb and i saw the crap fest that was fool’s gold…

then on saturday i hung out with my friend stacey – we had a killer lunch and then went to northern sun.  if you don’t know about them – check them out.  they produce amazing bumper stickers and t-shirts and what not for the liberally minded folks out there.

saturday night james took me to azia for my birthday.  yum.  my favorite joint in minneapolis – i had shrimp crisprolls for starters and then my all time favorite  wasabi walleye.  yum.

sunday we just had a lazy day, the other boleyn girl movie, costco and dsw shopping.  followed by a chill night watching weeds… oh how i love my weeds.  check out my killer new chuck taylors, two shoes in one:


oh, and here’s my purchase from northern sun… a kick ass car sticker t-rex having a tasty fish dinner (hehehehe).   by the way his name is bocephus.  a bad ass t-rex, needs a bad ass name, don’t you think?  darwin would pleased.


…. about mypost from yesterday about my birthday….  ummm, it has a post id # in wordpress of 666! 




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