well it all comes down to this eh?  no big shock or surprise there right?


if ya look over there to the right, you’ll see a nice obama banner hanging out, so not a big surprise who i’m supporting during the primary/caucus season (plus i already talked about it here).

this race is so important to me; it’s on my mind frequently… we need someone in the white house that is intelligent and restores america’s world image.  someone that’s not a complete and total embarrassment. 

we all know the pro’s and con’s (but of course there are very few actual differences between these two powerhouses) – but there’s one thing i’ve not heard many people talk about so far. 


since 1980 we have essentially had two families in control of american politics – the bush’s and the clinton’s.  yea, yea, yea, king george the senior was not in total power during 80-88, but he was still in the mix.  and buddha knows i love me some bill clinton, but seriously -it’s time for new leadership.

i go back to what i said in my post from jan 3,  i really do like hillary – i think she’s smart (yes, ray – i said she’s smart), passionate and truly cares about the people of the country (and will have no problem voting for her should she get the nomination)… but i just really think the country needs a radical change and obama is the man to bring it (oh yes, i said bring it). 

hillary has done some great things, but at the end of the day it would be 4 or 8 years of the her being in power. 

best case scenario, let’s say 8 years.  that means we will have had family dynasties in power for 36 years. 

36 years of the same two families runnin’ the show.

now more than ever, the country needs a change.  and the face of that change is barack obama (hopefully with the good senator from indiana, evan byeh by his side as veep, or maybe even bill richardson).

on a related note, the last couple of days i’ve been watching a lot of the west wing repeats on bravo.  is it completely sad that i wish jed bartlet was real and that i could actually vote for him? 



he’s ever so presidentially dreamy.