so last night, james and i went to see the new punk-rock musical/play “god save gertrude” (a modern take on hamlet). 


i had zero expectation for this (hell, until i walked in i had no idea what play we were seeing – we were there to support some of his co-workers who were doing makeup and playing in the band).  very much in a “hedwig and the angry inch” mode of modern musical theater – the story (let’s use that word loosely) is that of an aging punk rock poet-ess (think pattie smith) who is, as it turns out the queen of some country (assuming central europe/post soviet union, tho’ it’s never spelled out) on the verge of civil war.  she rehashes her punk past while juggling a second husband dictator and a son (wannabe rock star in the vein of his long gone father).  

the story and performances were quite good – as was the music.  it needs some fixing in the book department… like how did she become queen?  what happened to daddy #1?  how did dictator/daddy #2 come into the picture?  but all in all an fun night of experimental theater.

10.5 days until i’m in new york city.


star trek xi: 

as brought to life by jj abrams.  i’m beyond giddy-excited for this.  the cast looks spectacular & this trailer gave me chills.  time to get my sci-fi geek on.

paula abdul has a new song (written and produced by randy jackson).

come to your own conclusion.

i’m off to spend some time with mom – still no word on the job situation.. but she does have an interview on tuesday – so do me a favor, send some good karma my mom’s way on tuesday.