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local boy does good!  know’s his movie trivia.

by kyle, staff writer atomic pop!  8.5.07 – 8:34pm

renowed contest master, yours truly, received an overwhelming response (3, count ’em 3) to the most recent atomic pop! contest, a name that movie reference featuring the line “if you have any poo, fling it now.”

with a simple, confident email at 9:24pm on saturday,  august 4th jeff, from jeff’s fancy blog, came through in the end with “mason the chimpanzee in madagascar”.


ever the advocate of poo throwing, mason pictured here with a friend was sent off to an animal preserve in kenya

when reached for comment on his winning status, jeff  (pictured below as a youth) had this to say: “i won!!  feels good to be a winner.” 


with responses coming in from such far-fetched local’s like portland, oregon and richmond, virginia, officials were shocked that the winner of said contest came from just around the block – somewhere in minneapolis, minnesota. 

jeff, no doubt humbled and thrilled with his victory will be receive the highly coveted atomic pop! vol. 1 music compilation in the coming weeks.


hey, you there.  yea you.  cause i’m in a funk (blogging or otherwise) it’s time for contest no. 2.

see that line up above about poo…?  first person to guess where it comes from receives a special prize:  the debut compact disc atomic pop! vol. 1 a kick ass cd compilation from your’s truly

contest open to readers of atomic pop! who have not won a previous contest.  of course, this means that jason from is inelegible from participating 🙂

and yes, jason, your prize – atomic pop! vol. 1,  is almost done… will be done by the end of this weekend and then you have your precious.

‘hi there’ appears on the 1986 release big time by the amazing peter gabriel!!


ok, i knew it would be easy, and i was pretty sure that jason would be the one to get it (or cb), but damn boy – you found me within a half hour of activating the new blog and you rocked the contest…

i’ll create the cd this weekend and send it off after the holiday.


hi there.

well it looks like you found me…. thanks for making your way over from sr…sl.  i greatly appreciate your comin’ along for the ride (kindly update your favorites/blogroll’s).

so why the new blog?  why the new name right? 

well, a couple of reasons really:

a) i get board easily

b) stageright…stageleft is kinda cumbersome

c) i’ve always felt an affinity for the phrase atomic pop! (always with the !, ya gotta have the ! otherwise it’s a lil’ pop – and i like big pop’s).  if i were to ever open a record store (or start a record label) it would be called atomic pop!

d) i felt somewhat trapped with sr…sl, and wanted to spend more time talking about the things that get me mentally-hard; pop culture (my friend (and reader) stacey is fond of saying that i have a huge file full of completely useless pop-culture information in my brain.  more than anyone should have really).  as much as sr….sl was completely about me, i felt limited (yes, of course i realize that it was self imposed limits, but limited just the same) with the amount of pop culture stuff i could post there.  atomic pop!, will not have that problem.

i should note that this new identity will still talk about all the things i talked about over @ sr…sl; things like james, hair shows, politics, the mind-numbling boredom of my day-to-day.  but now i get to start fresh.  it’s kinda like buying a new suit, only the outsides have changed, the insides are the same as always.

truth be told, i had wanted to change names for a long-time.  it just seemed to work out that i put a bullet in the head of sr…sl at the one-year mark and let atomic pop! rise out of it’s ashes (‘course the bullet just grazed sr…sl, you never know when he might roar back to life).


contest #1

(did  i mention there’d be contests?)

see that underground sign up there at the top?  first person to tell me what song the word’s “hi there” appear in receive a copy of the shiny pop-music compliation cd atomic pop! #1 featuring my favorite music!  (here’s a hint – it’s from a song that was released in 1986)

ooh, are you excited? i know you are!


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