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robbie williams – break america

ignore the images, they’re just placeholder images for the audio track.  this is a brand new studio track from mr. williams (see cb, if you wish hard enough, i’ll talk about other stuff besides siouxsie). 

the tune is a big piece of disco bravado from my future husband.  i dig it.  i can’t wait to play this loud in my car whilst driving down the freeway at excessive speeds.

well it’s official; the 5 city sales meeting tour i’ve been producing is finally over.  thank god!  it went off more or less without a hitch – a couple of the hotels had an issue here or there, but for the most part it was a success.  now, just 3 more hair show’s this season (cincinatti next weekend, washington d.c. the following and then miami at the end of the month) and i can finally spend some quality time at home. 

took a friend around a bit of san francisco tonight – she’d never toured it.  jumped in a cab to get to the haight for my amoeba fix.  that store never fails to provide me with a treasure (or three):

first up, the uk version of siouxsie sioux’s new (and first ever proper) solo album ‘mantaray’.  now, yes, i could have waited a week for the u.s. version – but i prefer things the way there were meant to be and this import, limited edition copy is gorgeous.  have only listened to the music on the crappy in room dvd/cd player – must import into the iphone for my day tomorrow to give it a proper listen.  (fyi, it appears as if siouxsie and budgie have split after some 26 years together and that siouxsie may have come out of the closet… no shock there i suppose).


next up, my mental hard-on lloyd cole with ‘live at the bbc’ – i didn’t even know this existed.  lloyd in so many ways is the perfect man for me… soulful, british, talented with dead sexy eyes.  ‘course he’s also straight so fuck ‘him.  this is a collection of tunes recorded live in 1990 and 1995.  very excited with this one.


and then there’s my new robbie williams treasure.  a semi-are cd single for a tune called eternity that doesn’t appear anywhere else, as well as a non-lp track toxic.  as much as lloyd is the perfect british guy for me, robbie just get’s my rock-star- rock’s off.  + you know how i like the boys with ink.  again, sigh – he’s straight.  so fuck him too.  lol.


also picked up a couple of multi-disk set’s put out by the fine folk’s at bar de lune – can always find a treasure or two for use in future shows.

whilst in the haight, we passed a cool asian artifacts store where they had a number of fine balinese puppets – i’ve always wanted a one of these; i couldn’t resist.  here she is:


here’s a close up of her face:


(kinda siouxsie-esqu in’she?)

tomorrow is just a day off in san francisco – how perfect?  first up, sleeping until whenever the hell i feel like wakeing up, i wonder what i’ll do after that….

ok, i feel it is my duty to inform you of things that are bloody brilliant, killer and all things atomic!  additionally, i feel i must repeat myself occasionally as not everyone pays attention the first go-round.  so even tho’ i mentioned it here and here – i gotta go down the mark ronson road again.

version (mark’s album) is the shit.  if i believed in capitol letters, i would’ve capitalized shit.

the album features: robbie fucking williams, kasabian, amy winehouse, paul smith, old dirty bastard (r.i.p.) and the divine lily allan on the following: 


(can you tell the insomina demon is rearing it’s ugly head?  how else do you explain trolling you tube at 2:30am??!?!?!) 

this album is brilliant – i discover new things in it constantly.  (not to mention i have the biggest crush on mark – he’s dreamy).  so check out the above you tube and if you want more (and who wouldn’t), click the banner to the right.


sorry folks; i’m kinda dry lately – i had a great post updating you on a number of things, but lost it – so until i get it back, i’ll just leave you with some gratuitous robbie williams.  the man is dead-sexy…



(i have no idea what’s on his face, but the photo was shot by the sublime michel comte so who am i to judge?  besides, but i like this pic for other reasons)

it’s as if i died and went to heaven…


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