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What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

is there any shock really that my blog would be rated nc-17.  apparently it’s cause i’ve:

said gay (10 times), shit (7), hell (5), fuckin’ (3) and fuck (4)

too funny.




this weekend is glbt pride in the twin cities and for the first time since i came out all those years ago, i won’t be here to celebrate.  i will be directing a show in victoria, british columbia.

as much as i’m extradinarily humbled to be gay in 2007 and able to be out and live a comforatable life, as some of you know – i struggle with where i fit in the gay world.  that said, it still bum’s me out that i won’t be here to be “out and proud”.

i don’t have a clue where the next year is going to take me (the journey is the fun), but as i look back on the last year i have some thoughts:

  • to james; thank you for opening me up to the possibility again…

  • to chris; thank you for making me see the humor in being gay and to take things light…

  • to ray and jeremy; for always being there and showing me it can work…

  • to jen; for showing me the beauty in life and the passion in all…

  • to amy; for the music and your smile…

  • to scott; for always being there.  always…

  • to ax and jerry; agian, it can work.  you guys are proof…

  • to jason; my new gay brother – thanks for the beer and being there to listen…

  • to alexander; for always showing the “goods” – woof…

  • to brian; for whimsy.  life is better with whimsy…

  • to all the gay bloggers out there (with a hat tip to tacnik and tugboat); you impress and challenge me to do better.  thank you…

an important thank you to stacey, hammer, wendy, greg & bill – you may be straight but your certainly not narrow.  you’ve been with me for years – always supporting, always challenging and always there.  i wouldn’t be half the man i am without you in my life.  thank you for helping me on my journey.

happy pride everyone!




it’s that simple and easy.

(if the above does not work; please cut and paste this address into your browser:

…and the law won, duh.


it was bound to happen, this weekend i got a speeding ticket.  it was justified.  couldn’t argue it a bit.  still sucks tho’.  i’ll be the first to say that i’m a bit of a speeder (tho’ i’ll argue anyone’s point that i’m a bad driver – i’m actually quite good…defensive driver too), but it still sucks to get caught don’it? 

on the whole it was a good experience tho’ – the cop was respectful and even nice (tho’ not to cute, damn) – he even bumbed me down to the lower fine category.  nice.

other than that, work is ramping up huge, on top of that i started planning for the red ribbon ride in ernest this week + i’m leaving for a show in victoria british columbia on friday.  not much kyle time for sure.

on monday night i joined james and his friend bridget for the bravery show at the varsity theater in minneapolis.  i didn’t know much about the bravery, but it was a great show – and it was nice to see james for a bit.

as a tribute to stageright…stageleft (former blog for new readers), here are a couple of my world famous cell phone concert pics from the show (course, they’re more stage center but just deal).  i just loves me some highly saturated over-exposed photography:




it’s as if i died and went to heaven…

i tend to like lazy weekends.  they are my preference.  and more often than not, my reality.

however, some cosmic aligning of the stars is happening even as you read and i’m busy as fuck.

friday night i had the most amazing dinner with my good friend stacey at the posh cafe lurcat.  the company that owns lurcat is one of the premier caterer’s in the twin cities and as such, i use them a lot.  very nicely, they gave me a gift card for a nice amount to thank me for our business.  can i just say that it’s a lovely experience to be able to go out for a great dinner (including tasty kobe beef, which ain’t cheap) and not even consider money even a little bit?  now, i’m not rich, but i’m certainly not poor and i do try to live within some sort of a budget – but damn, you gotta love not sweating the almighty $ to enjoy some drinks and a great meal.

yesterday i had more work done on the neverending tattoo (i can see the light at the end of the tunnell tho’ thank god)… this time we were working on the inner arm near the elbow.  the area, well let’s just say, feels a bit like raw meat today.  to the eight auspicious symbols, the blowing lotus and cherry blossom flowers and the tibetan prayer flags already etched in my arm, we added a vajra (a tool that symbolically destroys all kinds of ignorance, and itself is indestructible).  check it out:


then last night, i had dinner with scott and saw the fantastic 4; rise of the silver surfer.  according to the movie’s own press, they realized they fucked up the first one and wanted to fix this one and make a movie the fan’s would like.  well, in my opinion, they failed again.  it was just poorly made, thudding dialogue, bad acting.  the special effects were great of course, and chris evan’s, well he’s just hot and so much fun to watch – but the movie on a whole sucked.  don’t waste your time or money.

the best part of the movie?  the brand-spankin’ new harry potter and the order of the pheonix trailer.  i love the books so much and phoenix is definatly one of my favorites.  july is going to be a great month; first the movie and then the final book.  i’m so excited to see how they translate that book to screen – if the trailer is any hint, they did a great job…


today, i’m off to the stone arch festival of the art’s where smartcar is showing (and more importantly allowing test drives) – i’m anxious to finally try one of these cars.  i love going to europe and seeing all the smartcar’s.  they’re stylish and most importantly, super eco-friendly.

then off to mom’s to help her for a bit.

then i have a meeting regarding ceremonies for the red ribbon ride.

then tonight, cb arrives for his job interview – dinner & drinks with him.

whew, i’m tired just typing it all out.  🙂

today marks the 20th anniversary of my all time favorite pet shop boys song; ‘it’s a sin’.


 from allmusic:

Starting with a bombastic series of orchestral stabs fading into a dramatic yet soothing combination of organ, wordless choirs, and random samples, “It’s a Sin” is the Pet Shop Boys at their most self-consciously theatrical and huge… …. “It’s a Sin” is strident and cutting through and through….There’s no questioning the cool outrage Tennant felt over his strict Catholic upbringing, though, which underpins the song. Samples from church services and Latin masses crop up throughout, even as Tennant sums up the hard balance of desire and guilt tormenting his character: “Father forgive me/I tried not to do it/Turned over a new leaf/Then tore right through it.”

 and how over the top is this?  brilliant i say!


my god i feel old.


a) you enjoy seeing the odd public display of male nudity

b) you enjoy seeing vaugly homoerotic displays by british rugby players

c) you enjoy the cutting-edge expose work of british tv reporters

i urge you to visit this blog: pragmatist.

warning – if you answered no to the above questions, you certainly should not click on the above link.  and for god’s sake; this is so nsfw!

with that said – all i gotta add is damn! woof!


ummm… for the record, i’m a pretty kick-ass guy.  even if life/the universe doesn’t always agree with that (fuckin’ life).

as such, if anyone is willing, there is a lovely website that specializes in selling direct-from-soundboard recordings of peter gabriel concerts.  these are non-edited, source master recordings of every peter gabriel concert for the past few years (including his current european tour).  in case you didn’t notice the link above, here it is again, and again.  oh, it’s important to note, each of these concert cd’s are only $30.  30 smackers.  30 washington’s.  cheap.

too make up for life/universe blunder’s of not always being good to me – it would be super-duper if you good folks would go out and purchase said peter gabriel recordings as a lovely little prezzie for me.  maybe all my readers could pool their moolah and buy the box set (the basic set would be fine, no need for the extravagent set).  receiving a cd or two would point out how wrong life/the universe is and restore the kick-assness of yours truly.

again, to recap; i’m a kick-ass guy –  life/universe doesn’t always agree (fuckin’ life/universe can get bent) – peter gabriel soundboard recordings – cheap!

go forth and purchase (if ya need my address, i can certainly help you with that! :))…



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