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with voenix rising’s ‘thursday ink’ on haitus (boo… hiss… sad kyle) it’s up to me to take that ball and run with it….




there’s more after the jump.  and by more, i mean, nsfw, not for lesbians, not for prudes, not for straight guys or some farm animals.  go ahead jump.


ok – firstly…. i’m not the biggest fan of christmas.  with that said, there are far too many blogs spouting about christmas already and it’s not even december yet. 

people.  it’s.too.fucking.soon.

during my evening’s perusal of my blogroll, one of my favorite blogs that features advertising of an adult nature was sporting this picture:


ummm…. where is his penis?  seriously?  wow…steroids bad.  it looks really deformed.

on the cold front, it’s still kickin, but i hope to shit it’s almost over.

oh, on another front, i have date no. 4 tomorrow night depending on how i feel.  we’re calling him “the dr.”, tho’ he’s not an actual doctor.  but he digs dr. who, so it seemed fitting.



this really looks to have everything we had hoped the new bionic woman could have been:

i was never the biggest terminator fan, but the story is an interesting one.  and i love love love that summer glau (she of the amazing firefly/serenityfame) plays the good terminator in it.  i’ll watch anything with her in it!

the advance press for this fox tv series has been pretty positive.  could be just the post-apocolyptic female ass kicking show we wished bionic woman was.

hi all – just poking around the net and have found out about this book ‘i, lucifer’ by glen duncan.

just curious if any of you have read it?  i found the first two pages online and quite enjoyed what i read.  it’s told from the devil’s perspective – i quite like books like that, historical (or psudo historical) characters telling their side.  i of course love the book ‘lamb: the gospel according to biff, christ’s childhood pal’ by christopher moore.  this book about lucifer reminds me a bit about lamb.

so my question to you lot, anyone read this?  i may get out of the house a bit tomorrow (i’m going absolutely stir-crazy) and go look for the book…

(i should say in full disclosure, i found out about this via imdb where they have a page on the film version [currently in pre-production] staring the yummy daniel craig as the devil and the equally hunky ewan mcgregor also in the cast)

hey kids, still sick here – so nothing terribly interesting to read, but maybe you’ll appreciate something interesting to see:


well, the first flu bug of the season has attacked.  as such, i’m holed up on my couch under a comfy blanky, with juice and kleenex near by…  my ritual when sick is to watch hours and hours of hgtv in between naps. 

as i’ve been watching today, i’ve been reminded how many uber-hot guys there are on hgtv and as nobody really wants to hear about my being sick, i thought i’d present you a smattering of super hot guys from hgtv (if only there were a calender like this!):


rick spence / curb appeal

rick spence is the perfect man.  in every way.  he’s hunky and handsome, while acerbically witty with a super hot butt (not to mention package!).  i won’t watch the episodes of curb appeal that he doesn’t host.  there’s just no reason too – the other hosts are horrid.  hgtv, take a hint from tlc (they’re bringing page davis back to host trading spaces) and re-install rick as the sole host of the show.


carter oosterhouse / carter can



where to begin?  carter of course got his start on tlc’s trading spaces – but now has his very own show on hgtv, ‘carter can’.  i’ll just say, carter can do anything to me he likes.  tho’ he should always do the show shirtless.


steve watson / don’t sweat it

i first fell for steve on the show “monster house” and now i see he’s moved to hgtv to host ‘don’t sweat it’ – i haven’t seen it yet, but i’m enjoying the frequent commercials i’ve seen today.  he can sweat it up any time. (he’s got an amazing butt)



lee snijders / design on a dime

lee’s an anomaly for me – he’s a bit of a pretty boy, but damn he’s sexy.  when he’s gettin’ down and dirty in work pants and tight t-shirts, i’m glued to the tube.


dave sheinkoph / design on a dime

i’ve talked about dave before – he’s dreamy…. :sigh:  again, he’s the perfect mix of hunky/handsome and funny.  the perfect mix for me


matt watson / design guys

mmm…. what a hunky side of beefy goodness.


paul daly / divine design

paul is amazingly hot (this picture does not begin to do him justice damnit)… great guns, awesome face, sexy body – woof.  woof.  and woof.

greetings all;

just a quick note to wish you all a happy thanksgiving; hopefully you didn’t gorge yourselves on turkey and giblets too much…

i’m thankful for so much this year; but mainly for good friends (both those i know in the “real” world, and those that just touch me in that special “cyber” way). 

special props for the folks that sent the emails and calls after tuesdays’ post… a shitty night can be made so much better by good friends who care.  (an update, i’m doing better with the whole situation).

in honor of the holiday, here’s a special movie trailer – warning if blood, boobs and or simulated oral sex are not your deal, you may want to just go here.  for all others, welcome to thanksgiving:


things that suck and hurt more than you could have ever possibly be prepared for

-the cold harsh light of reality

-relationships at a crossroads where you both go down a different path

-crying till 3am over what could have been

-ticketmaster surcharges and fees

things that don’t suck and give you hope

-the movie ‘across the universe’

-the promise of new beginnings

-walking down that new path strong in the knowledge that it will get easier; no matter how much it currently hurts/suck’s/feels like you’ve been sucker punched in the gut

things that really really kick ass

-going to new york in february to hang with landry and see siouxsie sioux


first off, an update on the “anxious situation” – at the end of the night all was fine (as of course, i knew it would be)… the event was a huge success…. and of course, i looked fine.  it was a “funky” black tie affair so you saw everything and anything.  in the end, i just hung out with my friend stacey – we dished on other folks, generally caught up with each others lives and had a fun time.  we did mingle a bit, and saw some friends – but there were 1400 people there; a bit hard to mingle. 

meant to get a pic or two of me all dressed up – alas, that never happened.  but here’s a blurry/shadowy self portrait of stacey and myself:


yesterday, cb had his premier with a local concert band.  my friend scott tagged along with me and we met cb and the infamous “jim” for lunch before hand.  after lunch, we went to the concert where we met up with cb’s step mother, joanne who i’ve met a couple of times and quite like.  it was fun watching cb get nervous about the concert – but all in all he shouldn’t have been…. the band was quite good (‘tho, the copeland was a bit off).  it was cool after all this time to actually see him do his thing with a band.

here’s a quick pic of the performance.  note, cb blowin’ his horn:


after the concert i had to rush of for a ::gasp:: date.  the date went well.  if things continue to go well, i’m sure you’ll read more about it here!


i stupidly agreed to go to a benefit tonight for open arms of mn.   

let me clarify, it’s not that i think open arms is stupid, i don’t – i heart that organization.

it’s just that i’m very self-conscious at those things, and it’s a fairly dressy event and all my “issues” tend to be wrapped up in how i look and my shyness comes out…


ugg – i need a drink and it’s still morning.


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