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firstly, i present you with the brand new portishead tune ‘machine gun‘ – from their upcoming album third. (hat tip to timo over at edited for television for posting the video first).

it’s not at all what i was expecting – but i’m seriously digging this tune. fucking dark and hard mixed with that voice. that amazing, wonderful voice. ummm… beth, geoff & adrian, why oh why did you have to wait 11 years since your last album? this is perfection.

now the bad news. portishead is playing berlin on april 3. that’s the day i arrive and i even have the night off. yay, right? no.

the. fucking. show. is. sold. out.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i need a ticket for this show. the chances of them playing minneapolis are nil. i can’t go to coachella (ed. note, this in and of itself sucks. not only is portishead playing, but so are goldfrapp, m.i.a., mark ronson, love & rockets, metric and the breeders. double grrrr.) this year either. so this is my only shot.

i’m praying to the musical gods of the internet. somebody, anybody – get me a ticket to this show!!!!!!


“…don’t let this club membership change you john.  stay ornery, stay mean.  we need you to be pissed off, and restless, because no matter what they tell us – we know, this country is going to hell in a handcart.  this country’s been hijacked. you know it and i know it.  people are worried.  people are scared and people are angry.  people need to hear a voice like yours that’s out there to echo the discontent that’s out there in the heartland.  they need to hear stories about it.  they need to hear stories about frustration, alienation and desperation.  they need to know that somewhere out there somebody feels they way that they do.  in the small towns and in the big cities.  they need to hear it.  and it doesn’t matter if they hear it on a jukebox in the local gin mill, or in a goddamn truck commercial.  because they ain’t gonna hear it on the radio anymore.  they don’t care how they hear it, as long as they hear it good and loud and clear the way you’ve always been saying it all along.  you’re right john, this is still our country…”

– billy joel inducting john mellencamp into the rock n roll hall of fame.  3.10.08

madonna has announced that the name of her upcoming album (released 4.28) is “hard candy” and that the lead off single with be the justin timberlake co-write, “four minutes“.  hmmm wonder what happened to the wildly bootlegged “candy shop” – everyone assumed that would be the first single.  

source: nme

this was the view outside the window nearest my desk @ work on thursday… two fawns grazing at the banks of the frozen pond….there were about 40 of us standing at the windows watching them graze.  cute little buggers… kind fluffy looking in their winter coats…

nature is good people.


here’s the full shot:


in unrelated news, i think i have bronchitis… i’ve had this deep guttural wet painful cough for 4 days… yuck.  is it so bad that i will kill just to feel normal again?  it’s been weeks since i’ve been truly healthy.

in unrelated news pt 2 – i’ve been enjoying the new goldfrapp record ‘seventh tree’ that is streaming for free on their myspace page.  it’s subtle and quite lovely.  nothing at all like their last ‘supernature’.  it comes out on tuesday – i’m thinking i may have a new favorite saturday/sunday morning record.  nice and chill.   oh, and hey – that’s alison goldfrapp making a visit to my banner up above… she’s awesome.

if only ’cause i knew you were all waiting with baited breath for my thoughts on the siouxsie show, here you go.

3 words: shiny. happy. siouxsie.

i have never seen siouxsie so flipping happy at a show. where’s my tortured diva? apparently, gone the way her marriage to
budgie has gone. and i for one, loved every moment.


siouxsie was fun, playful and flirtatious. it was freaking awesome. at one point she said “tomorrow i’m flying to san francisco, i can’t wait to tell them that i left my heart in new york.” how weird is that? awesome!!!

the set list was heavy on material from her new mantaray album, but there were some awesome old banshee tunes thrown in like “hong kong garden”, “night shift” and “dear prudence”. conspicuously absent were anything from her creatures days with budgie or the hits such as “peek-a-boo” or “christine”. given the strength of the show, they were not missed. oh, and when she sang “hong kong garden” she introduced it by saying it was the song’s 30th birthday. 30! wow. time flies with brilliant songs.

the absolute highlight for me was her hard as nails version of mantaray’s “into a swan” – it rocked harder and heavier than the album version – let me just state for the record this needs to be released on cd – pronto!

she was stunning in a silver catsuit with funky/punky 70’s shag (radar called it: “emma peel-meets-wonder woman spacey silver catsuit”). she danced and twirled and interacted with the audience – and her voice was in spectacular form. i’ve never heard her sound this strong.

the venue was incredible as well. the fillmore at irving plaza only holds 1000 people – landry and i got a primo spot right on the balcony with an unobstructed view of the stage. doesn’t get much better than that. oh, and i’m 98.53% positive that johnny rotten from the sex pistol’s walked by me on his way into the vip area – there’s nobody that quite looks like that man. (i’m choosing to forget the moment when i was too busy texting ray to notice siouxsie herself walk right by me. grrrr)

i did sneak my camera into the joint – the above pic is from me as is the lil’ you tube video down below. i’m pleased that it’s a fairly stable shot – it’s short (i thought that was best), if you want some longer vid’s – just search you tube…they’re out there. but i like mine best. it’s part of her tune “if it doesn’t kill you”. check it out:

i promise i’m done with siouxsie for a bit…(do i hear sigh’s of relief?)….. but i do have the upcoming gutter twins show to get psyched for…

note, there will be a photo essay documenting the forthcoming points following said points.

a) i’m on a plane to new york tomorrow morning at 7am minneapolis time.  this will be my first proper vacation in over two years (oh, if your wondering, i don’t consider vacations tagged onto the end of shows or aids rides as “proper” – so therefore, this is my first proper vacation in over two years).  i really really really am ready for this vacation.  and i am not bringing my computer with so unless i use landry’s computer, you won’t get any updates from me until next monday <gasp!>.

b) i voted.  i’m part of the machine.  dammit people, it’s time for change!

c) it’s finally for real (i.e., plane tickets are booked) i’m off to berlin (work) & prague (vacation) in april.  very happy/excited.

d) fucktards who drive escalades with eco-plates need to be anally abused until they realize that spending the extra $30 a year for “natural habitat” license plates does not negate the detrimental effects their vehicles are doing to the planet.  oh, and to anyone driving any varient of an suv – when was the last time you actually took it off road?  oh, and the safety thing?  it’s a myth.  least you can do if you own one of these monstrosities is to offset your carbon footprint.

e) oh, did i mention that landry and i are seeing siouxsie sioux on saturday night in ny?  mabye i forgot to tell ya’ll that.

f) j made me very happy last night.  dopey grin on my face all day (no photo essay for this one).






so last night, james and i went to see the new punk-rock musical/play “god save gertrude” (a modern take on hamlet). 


i had zero expectation for this (hell, until i walked in i had no idea what play we were seeing – we were there to support some of his co-workers who were doing makeup and playing in the band).  very much in a “hedwig and the angry inch” mode of modern musical theater – the story (let’s use that word loosely) is that of an aging punk rock poet-ess (think pattie smith) who is, as it turns out the queen of some country (assuming central europe/post soviet union, tho’ it’s never spelled out) on the verge of civil war.  she rehashes her punk past while juggling a second husband dictator and a son (wannabe rock star in the vein of his long gone father).  

the story and performances were quite good – as was the music.  it needs some fixing in the book department… like how did she become queen?  what happened to daddy #1?  how did dictator/daddy #2 come into the picture?  but all in all an fun night of experimental theater.

10.5 days until i’m in new york city.


star trek xi: 

as brought to life by jj abrams.  i’m beyond giddy-excited for this.  the cast looks spectacular & this trailer gave me chills.  time to get my sci-fi geek on.

paula abdul has a new song (written and produced by randy jackson).

come to your own conclusion.

i’m off to spend some time with mom – still no word on the job situation.. but she does have an interview on tuesday – so do me a favor, send some good karma my mom’s way on tuesday.




this the harley davidson night rod vrscd.

this is sex on two wheels.

i want this bike so much i can taste it.

all matte black on black with just the slightest hint of chrome. 

that said, let me illustrate why i will never have such a work of beauty.

i would kill myself on a bike.


but boy do i want one.


as a follow up to my post about my day from hell yesterday, things went better today.  thank you for your private email’s and well wishes.  but none of you bitches commented on my day or my oscar pick’s in comments.  what up with that?  boo hiss. 

—-unrelated pt 2—-

as a follow up to my post about needing a copy of prince’s horny pony (which until this point was only released on vinyl and cassette), jeff over at jeff’s fancy blog came through with flying colors with a killer copy.  yay jeff.


a mp3/cd version of the rare prince b-side “horny pony”

if anyone can help me out, shoot me an email;

…i do have some good news; just found the gutter twins (i’ve posted about them here and here) are coming to minneapolis on march 8!  this is tremendous news…. 2008 is shaping up to be a fun year for me musically…. siouxsie live in february and now the gutter twins in my home town.  happy happy kyle.

ooh, and they’re playing first ave.  one of my most favorite venue’s for live music.  it doesn’t get much better than first ave.



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