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a mp3/cd version of the rare prince b-side “horny pony”

if anyone can help me out, shoot me an email;


head over to to get a look at the lastest prince video (for the song ‘chelsea rodgers’) – the vid itself isn’t that great (tho’ it does have some nice moments), but it’s the best song off his latest ‘planet earth’ and it heavily features the divine shelby j. on lead vox.  (fyi, it was filmed live during matthew williamson’s recent london fashion week show)…


MATTHEW WILLIAMSONIF you’re coming home after five years on the New York schedule – to an exhibition feting your decade of success in the industry, no less – you’ve got to make an impression… How to really get noticed? How about Prince performing from his seat in the front row? That just about did it for Matthew Williamson this morning. A tent in Eaton Square shook with the tension of a style World Cup as the fashion glitterati hustled for their closer-than-close front row seats; squeals of excitement and cheering from backstage gave us a clue that something mega was about to happen… and then a couple of Motown backing singers (microphone afro and lash-to-brow eye glitter – we’re talking the real deal…), took to the stage and we didn’t know whether to sit and clap or stand up and dance.All of a sudden identical twin dancers, in purple silk shifts with silver sashes, appeared to perform pop dressage down the catwalk with Prince himself singing his latest song from his seat in the

front row. Until then, knowing as we did that he’d been in town for the Couture Gala last night (wearing white Versace), we assumed he’d just come to support Williamson (and hide his Gala hangover behind those glossy black shades and matching trilby) – but now we hear the whole thing will serve as Prince’s new video, no less. From front row to MTV… It was a serious fashion moment, dahlink – and Williamson gave himself a job to live up to the moment with his new collection after such an eye-popping opener.(September 19 2007, AM)

Dolly Jones

greetings & salutations – sorry for the lack of posts lately; was on the road and had literally no access to the internet (gasp!) –

lots  of things happening lately and soon i might share something big, but in the meantime, can i just say how fucking much i love having a musical twin in london?  my colleague ian is from the united kingdom and whenever he comes over for a show he tends to bring me prezzies… and this last weekend in dc was no different.

ian and i share a love for all things siouxsie and he brought me the 12″ vinyl of la sioux’s recent into a swan – with two mixes unreleased on cd.  can you say i geeked out at the prospect of new siouxsie?

there was just one challenge tho’ – i haven’t had a turn table for a while (having got rid of much of my vinyl collection years ago). 

::sigh – what the fuck to do?::

well, the obvious answer is to go and be a good american (i was in dc at the time, afterall) and spend valuable money on a vinyl-to-mp3 converter turntable.


(uploading prince & the revolutions ‘love or money – extended version’)

yes, my friends, i’m completely enraptured by old 12″ extended versions by prince, kate bush, siouxsie and more (for example, the divine jill jones rarity – ‘bald man’; my theme song).

so i’m completely giddy happy listening to rare tracks that i haven’t heard in years. 


rushed home from dc just in time to see the sublime johnette napolitano play the entry in minneapolis.  makes me happy.


(sorry johnette, i know you hate it when people take your pic, and you want us all “in the moment”, but it was such a great moment, i couldn’t resist taking a souvenir)

unrelated pt 2:

last night cb came over to watch heroes and i entertained him a bit by showing him an instructional dvd on how to give a guy a brazillian wax.  go here to read the salicious details (he sum’s it up better than i could).

unrelated pt 3:


(don’t try to understand – this is for one person, and one person only)

yo.  what up?

sorry i’ve been so quiet the last couple of days… not much to say i guess coupled with the insanity of travel/work.  been kinda in a funk.  i think the mad-travel of the last 2 months is catching up with me.  i feel massively disconnected from home and my friends.  i know life is going on around minneapolis without me and it just kinda seems like i’m missing out on something. 

i’m sitting in a hotel in baltimore (ooh, yer jealous i can tell)… had the night off from work and walked around a bit – not much to see in this town.  not much that i found anyway.  i’m sure it’s lovely (crime rate aside).  i’m looking forward to san francisco next week and even scheduled a couple of extra days in town just for fun.  after that i’m home for a full week (can you imagine?!).  my travel schedule will begin to slow down a bit throughout october, with nothing currently scheduled after october 29th!

it’s amazing when your in the doldrums how easy it is to forget what gives you joy – know what i mean? 

i spent a bit of of time cleaning up my big ipod and adding most of my prince collection to it (prince had for the last year been on his own ipod, but i’m trying to scale down a bit, who needs 3 ipods [let alone 4 with the iphone]?)… so as i was moving the 665 prince songs i own (not including another 125 tunes on a bootleg collection of early prince performances dating back to 1980), i was reminded how much i fuckin’ love prince (yea, i forget sometimes)…. specifically listening to a bootleg show of prince live in germany in 1988 – i’m going out of my mind enjoying this shit…

endorphins are a good thing for kicking out the blues….

thanks for all the great suggestions for names for the new ipod (and rg; wouldn’t you like to know…. :-))… there were some great ones and i almost took jason’s suggestion and named it sioux (after all, it’s crazy sexy with a jet black casing (much like siouxsie sioux), but in the end cb came through with ‘biff’. 

2 of my other 3 ipods are named after characters in christopher moore novels, so it seemed only fitting to continue the trend (my main ipod’s name is ‘catch’ after the demon in ‘practical demonkeeping’, and the prince-pod is named whaley-boy after a group of character’s in ‘fluke’. 

so now we have biff, named after the title character from ‘lamb; the gospel according to biff, christ’s childhood pal’. 

and now, allow me to introduce you to biff (with a very rare self portriat thrown in [if you look closely at the bottom of the pic, you’ll see ‘catch’ hanging out too – god i’m a fuckin’ geek]).


ok, so you may have read that i kinda like this minneapolis based singer named prince.

he’s ok i guess.. 🙂

so prince has this new background singer named shelby j.  she’s pretty much the shit.  didn’t know much about her until i saw the target center and first ave shows last month and she really blew me away.



at the target center show prince turned the mic over to shelby for a tune or two and on one of the tracks, she tore the roof off of the place with her version of gnarls barkley’s “crazy”.

well, i may (or may not, just sayin’) have come into a bootlegged copy of shelby singing the very same tune one week later when prince & co. invaded the montreux jazz festival.

if i really did have that track, it would indeed be off-the-fucking-hook.  that’s all i’m sayin’

damn girl can sing. (plus, the tune heavily features vocoder….

unrelated… don’t you hate when your holding on to a feeling or an emotion about someone, and then that someone comes along and in a text message pretty much ruins the moment?  shit, it’s time to move-the-fuck-on.  damn i hate this.

unrelated pt 2…. a blogger-friend of mine may have just convinced me to send him a rated r pic or two i have of myself.  sometimes, a compliment can make all the difference.  thank you.

so yea, i have a blog eh?  suppose i should update it every now and then. 

hi.  how ya been?  mad busy here (same ol’ story)…. a couple of highlights.

  • came off of the red ribbon ride last sunday.  it was an incredible ride.  amazing and bittersweet.  for many reasons, it will probably be my last.  i’m not giving up the cause however, there will be something in my future regarding hiv/aids – something amazing.  and to keep me busy until then, my good friend kari is starting the breast cancer ride; a bike ride to raise much needed funds for a local charity that serves the breast cancer community in minnesota – pretty excited about that. i’m not saying forsure that i won’t be back for the rrr, but i’m ready for new challenges and new ways to support the community.  with kari leaving the ride, i commissioned an incredible video which i hope to get converted to mpeg and will post it as soon as i can.  she’s an amazing woman and i’m truly blessed to count her as a friend.  i’m in awe of what she accomplised on the rrr and can’t wait to see what she does next.


(pic of kari and i on day one; yea, i really am that pale… damn)

  • i’m off to san francisco for a hair show tomorrow – should be great, i really love sf so i can’t wait to get back.  the show will be great and i’m excited to direct it (but more excited that one of my favorite record stores; ameba is in sf… how much damage can i do).
  • had more work done on the never ending tattoo tonight – mostly some more background work and a bit more on the prayer flags – the cool bit tho?  i great zen infitiy circle surrounding my elbow…. sweet ink.


  • i’m about half way thru with harry potter 7… it’s killing me that i’m not reading faster – just been exhausted since i got home from the ride (and in-turn, the global sales meeting)… hoping to finish it on the plane tomorrow.


(picture of one of the crew members of the ride (sophie) who dressed as harry all day on saturday.. how rockin’ is she?)

  • also just bought prince’s latest – planet earth.  so far so good; easily the best thing he’s done in 10 years…. it’s a headphone album tho’ i think – can’t wait to listen to it on the ipod


ok, that’s about it – need to finish laundry and pack for ‘frisco (my god i’m boring)…. ta

ok, i promise this will be the last prince posting for a bit – but had to share.  as you know, i love me some cell phone pics and got a couple last night.  as you also know, i have a blackberry pearl.  my only complete with this phone is that the camera is terrible.  even as cell phone camera’s go.  as such – you may not be able to tell it’s wendy, but i sure do 🙂


wendy in the front


more wendy goodness


wendy and sheila goodness (side note, as they were walking off the stage, wendy gave sheila the biggest hug from behind – it was quite touching to see)


and lastly, this was the scene during black sweat.

my ears are still ringing –

damn, those were 2 incredible shows… i’m still grinning (and my ears are still ringing).

first the target center show….

*****ummm huge geek alert, you have been warned***** 


my all time favorite band bar-non was the revolution (prince’s backing band during his 80’s hey day).  with that said, not much makes me as happy as wendy and lisa (wendy’s in white, lisa has the long hair) – the guitarist (w) and keyboardist (l) for the band.

when prince disbanded the revolution in 1987 it was one of the more depressing musical moments of my life.  while the boys in the band rocked, the heart and soul of the band was always the girls)  in the 20 years since the band broke up, wendy has appeared with prince once (on a public television show), and wendy and lisa have played with him once (the brit awards in 2006). the girls even declined an invitation when prince reformed the revolution for one night a few years ago.  

with that in mind, you can imagine the thrill when prince took the stage last night at the target center and i realized wendy was standing next to him playing guitar!  he opened the damn show with purple rain and he and wendy busted out a couple of tunes.  she returned later in the night for an guitar on guitar “duet” on rasberry beret & sometimes it snows in april. 

the target center show was, without a doubt one of the most relaxed, playful casual shows i’ve ever seen him do.  completely restored my faith in the man. 

  • purple rain (with wendy!)
  • take me with u (still with wendy!!)
  • guitar
  • shhh
  • musicology
  • play that funky music (by wild cherry – he pulled a guy out of the audience to sing lead)
  • let’s go (by the cars)
  • satisfied
  • it’s a wonderful world instrumental

at this point the band left and wendy came back.  just wendy and prince, two guitars and a spotlight!!!! (omfg)

  • little red corvette
  • raspberry beret
  • new song from the album planet earth
  • sometimes it snows in april

wendy leaves, and the band comes back:

  • 7
  • come together (by the beatles; scorching hot)
  • do me baby (full band version, i’ve never seen this live!)
  • i wanna be your lover
  • how come u don’t call me anymore? (again, with a full band, never done before)
  • snippit of diamonds and pearls
  • cream (killer guitar)
  • u got the look (never seen him perform this live!)
  • if i was your girlfriend
  • black sweat
  • kiss
  • let’s go crazy (shelia e. came out at this point)


  • a love bizarre (with sheila e.)
  • crazy (by gnarls barkley with shelby johnson singing lead – abso-fucking-lutely amazing)
  • nothing comepares 2 u
  • the glamourous life (with sheila)

then the first ave show, holy shit!  prince + first ave + sheila e. + wendy.  doesn’t get much better than that.  the sh0w started late (of course, but all was forgiven the minute he rocked “controversey”). 

  • 3121 (with sheila on stage for most of the evening)
  • girls and boys
  • feel 4 u
  • controversery (kill me now) (sheila, shelby & the twinz leave the stage after controversey)
  • some impromtu blues number
  • satisfied
  • down by the riverside (horn section instrumental)
  • gotta broken heart again
  • love is a loosing game (amy winehouse tune sung by shelby j)
  • love changes (mother’s finest tune again, sung by shelby)
  • thank you for letting me be myself (sly stone tune – joined onstage by sheila, wendy and larry graham [hey, i must be growing, i didn’t even hate seeing larry tonight])
  • hair (chaka khan tune)
  • sing a simple song (sly stone)
  • everyday people (sly)
  • alphabet street

this is where the first set ended.

prince and band left after the first set, only to have prince return to the stage solo 2 minutes later where he simply walked to the mic and informed us all that the city of minneapoplis had shut down the show due to the late hour.  in 25 years of following prince and seeing him live in every possible venue, i’ve never seen him more humble and in awe of the fan’s.  “i thank you from the bottom of my heart, and i’ll be back”. 

had he been allowed to continue apparently the set list would have included: baby love, the dance, let’s go crazy, anotherloverholeinyourhead (i would have died), the question of u, peach, lolita, black sweat & kiss

4am.  show’s over.  long sweaty night.  amazing music.  i heard him do tunes i’ve never heard live, i saw him perform with people i’ve never seen live. 

he brought the funk.

i am one completely sweaty / dirty / disgusting mess. 

yup, that’s right, on the hottest day of the year, i blew off the work i had to do and stood outside with 25oo of my closest friends in order to get tickets for princes first gig at first ave since 1986.

a visual representation is in order:


this is part of minneapolis.  the red x, that’d be first ave.  above that is target center where tonight’s main show is taking place.  when i arrived at 11am this morning the line started on 7th street (just to the right of the red x), turned right down hennipen avenue, right again on 8th street, right again on 1st.  crossed 7th (where the line began) and continued down 1st a full block, then right on 6th.  that red dot?  that’d be where i started the day. 

mind you, tickets didn’t go on sale until 3pm (and i would come to find out that i was 650th in line).  first ave staffers estimated the crowd at it’s largest to be around 2500. the club’s capacity is 1300. 

when tickets went on sale at 3, it took a full 2 hours for me to go the distance to get my ticket. 


(paisley park studios wristband, one of the two physical tickets i need to get into the doors of first ave tonight) 

so now i’m home to get some food, shower (scrub the grime off) and get ready to meet greg at 7 for drinks before the 8:30 show at target.  my guess is that prince won’t take the stage until midnight at 1st ave. 

it’s gonna be a long, funky night ya’ll.


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