ok, so you may have read that i kinda like this minneapolis based singer named prince.

he’s ok i guess.. 🙂

so prince has this new background singer named shelby j.  she’s pretty much the shit.  didn’t know much about her until i saw the target center and first ave shows last month and she really blew me away.



at the target center show prince turned the mic over to shelby for a tune or two and on one of the tracks, she tore the roof off of the place with her version of gnarls barkley’s “crazy”.

well, i may (or may not, just sayin’) have come into a bootlegged copy of shelby singing the very same tune one week later when prince & co. invaded the montreux jazz festival.

if i really did have that track, it would indeed be off-the-fucking-hook.  that’s all i’m sayin’

damn girl can sing. (plus, the tune heavily features vocoder…. i.love.vocoder)

unrelated… don’t you hate when your holding on to a feeling or an emotion about someone, and then that someone comes along and in a text message pretty much ruins the moment?  shit, it’s time to move-the-fuck-on.  damn i hate this.

unrelated pt 2…. a blogger-friend of mine may have just convinced me to send him a rated r pic or two i have of myself.  sometimes, a compliment can make all the difference.  thank you.