yo.  what up?

sorry i’ve been so quiet the last couple of days… not much to say i guess coupled with the insanity of travel/work.  been kinda in a funk.  i think the mad-travel of the last 2 months is catching up with me.  i feel massively disconnected from home and my friends.  i know life is going on around minneapolis without me and it just kinda seems like i’m missing out on something. 

i’m sitting in a hotel in baltimore (ooh, yer jealous i can tell)… had the night off from work and walked around a bit – not much to see in this town.  not much that i found anyway.  i’m sure it’s lovely (crime rate aside).  i’m looking forward to san francisco next week and even scheduled a couple of extra days in town just for fun.  after that i’m home for a full week (can you imagine?!).  my travel schedule will begin to slow down a bit throughout october, with nothing currently scheduled after october 29th!

it’s amazing when your in the doldrums how easy it is to forget what gives you joy – know what i mean? 

i spent a bit of of time cleaning up my big ipod and adding most of my prince collection to it (prince had for the last year been on his own ipod, but i’m trying to scale down a bit, who needs 3 ipods [let alone 4 with the iphone]?)… so as i was moving the 665 prince songs i own (not including another 125 tunes on a bootleg collection of early prince performances dating back to 1980), i was reminded how much i fuckin’ love prince (yea, i forget sometimes)…. specifically listening to a bootleg show of prince live in germany in 1988 – i’m going out of my mind enjoying this shit…

endorphins are a good thing for kicking out the blues….

thanks for all the great suggestions for names for the new ipod (and rg; wouldn’t you like to know…. :-))… there were some great ones and i almost took jason’s suggestion and named it sioux (after all, it’s crazy sexy with a jet black casing (much like siouxsie sioux), but in the end cb came through with ‘biff’. 

2 of my other 3 ipods are named after characters in christopher moore novels, so it seemed only fitting to continue the trend (my main ipod’s name is ‘catch’ after the demon in ‘practical demonkeeping’, and the prince-pod is named whaley-boy after a group of character’s in ‘fluke’. 

so now we have biff, named after the title character from ‘lamb; the gospel according to biff, christ’s childhood pal’. 

and now, allow me to introduce you to biff (with a very rare self portriat thrown in [if you look closely at the bottom of the pic, you’ll see ‘catch’ hanging out too – god i’m a fuckin’ geek]).