first off, an update on the “anxious situation” – at the end of the night all was fine (as of course, i knew it would be)… the event was a huge success…. and of course, i looked fine.  it was a “funky” black tie affair so you saw everything and anything.  in the end, i just hung out with my friend stacey – we dished on other folks, generally caught up with each others lives and had a fun time.  we did mingle a bit, and saw some friends – but there were 1400 people there; a bit hard to mingle. 

meant to get a pic or two of me all dressed up – alas, that never happened.  but here’s a blurry/shadowy self portrait of stacey and myself:


yesterday, cb had his premier with a local concert band.  my friend scott tagged along with me and we met cb and the infamous “jim” for lunch before hand.  after lunch, we went to the concert where we met up with cb’s step mother, joanne who i’ve met a couple of times and quite like.  it was fun watching cb get nervous about the concert – but all in all he shouldn’t have been…. the band was quite good (‘tho, the copeland was a bit off).  it was cool after all this time to actually see him do his thing with a band.

here’s a quick pic of the performance.  note, cb blowin’ his horn:


after the concert i had to rush of for a ::gasp:: date.  the date went well.  if things continue to go well, i’m sure you’ll read more about it here!