today was just another day right?  just another day to get some work done…. surf some blogs… continue to regal and entertain you all with my pithy posts and stories right? 


the following screen greeted me when i tried to update the pop! today:


great.  the man is against me and against wordpress. 

if they think this will make me work harder, they’re oh so wrong – i’m gonna be even more lazy tomorrow just as a bit of payback.


things i love:

  • tlc’s l.a. ink.  kat von d and her ink slingers are the shit.  i kinda have a crush on her.

  • as much as it pains me to admit, justin is kinda hot.

  • abc family channel’s ‘greek‘ kicks ass.  i’m completely in lust with evan.aqua022506251.jpg (apparently i have a thing for guys with puppy dog eyes)

  • i’m super excited for this movie: