hi all – just poking around the net and have found out about this book ‘i, lucifer’ by glen duncan.

just curious if any of you have read it?  i found the first two pages online and quite enjoyed what i read.  it’s told from the devil’s perspective – i quite like books like that, historical (or psudo historical) characters telling their side.  i of course love the book ‘lamb: the gospel according to biff, christ’s childhood pal’ by christopher moore.  this book about lucifer reminds me a bit about lamb.

so my question to you lot, anyone read this?  i may get out of the house a bit tomorrow (i’m going absolutely stir-crazy) and go look for the book…

(i should say in full disclosure, i found out about this via imdb where they have a page on the film version [currently in pre-production] staring the yummy daniel craig as the devil and the equally hunky ewan mcgregor also in the cast)