ok, i feel it is my duty to inform you of things that are bloody brilliant, killer and all things atomic!  additionally, i feel i must repeat myself occasionally as not everyone pays attention the first go-round.  so even tho’ i mentioned it here and here – i gotta go down the mark ronson road again.

version (mark’s album) is the shit.  if i believed in capitol letters, i would’ve capitalized shit.

the album features: robbie fucking williams, kasabian, amy winehouse, paul smith, old dirty bastard (r.i.p.) and the divine lily allan on the following: 


(can you tell the insomina demon is rearing it’s ugly head?  how else do you explain trolling you tube at 2:30am??!?!?!) 

this album is brilliant – i discover new things in it constantly.  (not to mention i have the biggest crush on mark – he’s dreamy).  so check out the above you tube and if you want more (and who wouldn’t), click the banner to the right.