hell ya!

ok, been up since 3am working on ride stuff, took a break and decided to troll you tube a bit. 

guess what i found?  the brand-spankin-new siouxsie video for the first single off her new record.  the tune is called ‘into a swan’ and it’s flipping incredible.  more aggressive than siouxsie’s been for a fair bit.  more organic too.  the drums are smokin’ hot (thank you budgie).  and could she look anymore incredible?  wow – she’s 50! 

what a way to start a day!

check it out:

in other music news, i picked up the new mark ronson yesterday – but haven’t listened yet as i also got this incredible new record from the iconic mavis staples called ‘we’ll never turn back’.  that has completely captivated me.


entertainment weekly says: “Staples’ voice outshines all: rich, weathered, and full of fire, sometimes resolving in a cracked tone or a dark, knowing chuckle, her eyes still on the prize.”

and the guardien says: “Staples is magnificent.” 

and indeed she is.

in other exciting news – scott and i are seeing a late showing of harry potter 5 tonight… late cause of course, i’m in rehearsals all day and into the evenin.  can’t wait for that either.