local boy does good!  know’s his movie trivia.

by kyle, staff writer atomic pop!  8.5.07 – 8:34pm

renowed contest master, yours truly, received an overwhelming response (3, count ’em 3) to the most recent atomic pop! contest, a name that movie reference featuring the line “if you have any poo, fling it now.”

with a simple, confident email at 9:24pm on saturday,  august 4th jeff, from jeff’s fancy blog, came through in the end with “mason the chimpanzee in madagascar”.


ever the advocate of poo throwing, mason pictured here with a friend was sent off to an animal preserve in kenya

when reached for comment on his winning status, jeff  (pictured below as a youth) had this to say: “i won!!  feels good to be a winner.” 


with responses coming in from such far-fetched local’s like portland, oregon and richmond, virginia, officials were shocked that the winner of said contest came from just around the block – somewhere in minneapolis, minnesota. 

jeff, no doubt humbled and thrilled with his victory will be receive the highly coveted atomic pop! vol. 1 music compilation in the coming weeks.