hi there.

well it looks like you found me…. thanks for making your way over from sr…sl.  i greatly appreciate your comin’ along for the ride (kindly update your favorites/blogroll’s).

so why the new blog?  why the new name right? 

well, a couple of reasons really:

a) i get board easily

b) stageright…stageleft is kinda cumbersome

c) i’ve always felt an affinity for the phrase atomic pop! (always with the !, ya gotta have the ! otherwise it’s a lil’ pop – and i like big pop’s).  if i were to ever open a record store (or start a record label) it would be called atomic pop!

d) i felt somewhat trapped with sr…sl, and wanted to spend more time talking about the things that get me mentally-hard; pop culture (my friend (and reader) stacey is fond of saying that i have a huge file full of completely useless pop-culture information in my brain.  more than anyone should have really).  as much as sr….sl was completely about me, i felt limited (yes, of course i realize that it was self imposed limits, but limited just the same) with the amount of pop culture stuff i could post there.  atomic pop!, will not have that problem.

i should note that this new identity will still talk about all the things i talked about over @ sr…sl; things like james, hair shows, politics, the mind-numbling boredom of my day-to-day.  but now i get to start fresh.  it’s kinda like buying a new suit, only the outsides have changed, the insides are the same as always.

truth be told, i had wanted to change names for a long-time.  it just seemed to work out that i put a bullet in the head of sr…sl at the one-year mark and let atomic pop! rise out of it’s ashes (‘course the bullet just grazed sr…sl, you never know when he might roar back to life).


contest #1

(did  i mention there’d be contests?)

see that underground sign up there at the top?  first person to tell me what song the word’s “hi there” appear in receive a copy of the shiny pop-music compliation cd atomic pop! #1 featuring my favorite music!  (here’s a hint – it’s from a song that was released in 1986)

ooh, are you excited? i know you are!