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ok, i’m working through my europe pictures and will be presenting them in 3 installments – the installments will be my favorite pic’s from a given place (i took over 400 pics in total; don’t want to bore you by posting all of them – i already forced cb to see them all… i can’t imagine how painful that was for him.

the first installment (today’s) is all about the big show (aka, the reason i was in berlin to begin with).

#1 – things sound so much better in french.

#2 – goodie bag’s for the attendees.

#3 – cool as shit light bulb.  the theater was swimming with these things…. they were all about 12-15″ long with a single filament running through them.  i loved these bulbs.

#4 – my job on this show was stage manager.  next to my post backstage was a mirror ball.  how can you not love a mirror ball.  they rock.  i call this “self portrait with mirror ball“.

#5 – this may very well be my favorite pic from the entire show, and keep in mind this is still in rehearsals.  the finale for one of the acts was to have his models come out in black under a boat-load of white netting/fabric (they were wearing black sheath dresses) and then they were illuminated with black light.  it was incredible and otherworldly.  they had these kick ass wigs on too that you only saw at the very end of the segment.  i love the movement in this pic.

#6 – i call this one “charlie’s angels shadows“.  you should of seen it when they were in full hair/wardrobe (hey, what can i say – i have more free time to take pictures during rehearsals).

#7 – ok, i’m completely in love with this woman.  seriously – i think i would switch teams to be with her.  she had the most kick-ass walk i’ve ever seen.  and the boots – the boots were amazing (ok, maybe i really am too gay if i noticed the boots… i have a pic of them somewhere).  she was just so damn sexy walking down the catwalk.

#7a – ok, here are the boots.  rock on!

#8 – rehearsing the men’s hairdressing segment.  ummm… can we say “gun show”?  i had the pleasure of having this guy change clothes down to black bikini briefs right next to me.  ummm… i need a moment.

#9 – for obvious reasons.

#10 – ok, now were on show day… i like the look of this pic, tho’ i wish the one girl wasn’t wearing a sweater.  it was pretty cold backstage tho’.

#11 – obvious reasons pt 2.  they just got done “spritzing” the boys to give them that “just worked out” look that’s so popular.  by the way, they were wearing shorty athletic shorts too.  double drool.  i love my fucking job!

#12 – this is the same girl as the above (the one with the boots).  great do, no?  pure sex.  behind the girl you’ll see someone with white and black face paint – that’s one of the girls that’s pictured in the above charlie’s angels shadow shot.

#13 – bringing the afro back baby.  and trust me this chick (all 6’2″ of her) was working the fuck out of this hair.  nice.

#13a – here’s another shot of her


i’ve said it before (tho’ maybe not online), and with all due respect to the others on the list, i gotta say michelle pheiffer is walking talking feminine perfection and yes, virginia, if given the chance, i’d switch for her in a new york second.


just got done watching her on the latest installment of inside the actor’s studio (james lipton is a tool, but the show is good).  she’s divine.  radiant.  stunning.  and her acting chops are pretty damn good too (to this day, i cry every time  i see frankie and johnny).  lest you forget, she’s been nominated for 3 oscars, twice nominated (with one win) at the bafta’s, 6 golden globe nominations (with one win), a best actress nod at the berlin film festival as well as win’s in the best actress categories for the national board of review, national society for film critics and the new york film critic’s society.  the woman has talent up the yin yang.

i’ve loved her ever since she strutted her stuff in grease 2 – had the shit scared out of me with her in dangerous liaisons – applauded her kitten with a whip catwoman.  and i can’t wait for this weekend’s stardust

seriously michelle… come rescue me from my boring life.  🙂

feast your eyes:

the brave one 


  • staring jodie fucking foster
  • directed by neil jordan
  • co-staring naveen andrews

how great does that flick look?!  can’t f’ing wait.

oh, and the reason i saw the trailer tonight, live free or die hard.  i gotta say, i thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  yea, it was bombastic and over-the-top – but, shit like this could seriously happen.  i have no doubt.  + i’ve always had a thing for bruce willis, even at his most haggard (such as this flick) there’s something undeniably sexy about the man.

oh, and can i just say maggie q is the bomb?  seriously this woman is hot as hell (and she can seriously kick bruce’s ass!).

first you feasted on the divine jodie foster, now give some love to maggie:





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