ok, time for round two. this time the theme is berlin. these are my favorite pics:

#1. the vacant lot next to the theater in east berlin. in the background you will see friedrichstraße station. i fell in love with the station (and the german train stations in general… something about the use of glass and iron) – just ask cb, he saw like 20 pics of this station.

#2. another shot of the station. there’s some interesting history on the station from during the cold war… check it out: friedrichstraße station

#3. the fernsehturm (tv antenna/tower) in alexanderplatz from a distance. i particularly like the puffy clouds in this pic. it turned cold and rained shortly after this pic

#4. shot of the sony center in potsdamer platz. the glass and metal structure is supposed to resemble mt. fuji.

#5. nondescript gold building somewhere near potsdamer platz. i have no idea what this is, but i dug it. i love the scale of the building and the clouds in the background.

#6. the jewish museum in berlin. i didn’t get a chance to visit it, but it’s on my list if i ever return to berlin.

#7. soviet styled plaque and part of the “wall” located next to checkpoint charlie

#8. look ma, the europeans have tacky shit too, not just americans! this is snackpoint charlie next to the checkpoint. let’s see, we have doner’s from the middle-east, pasta from italy, sushi from asia and good ‘ol subway from america. aint’ we proud?!

#9. the brandenburg tor (aka gate). love the scale in this shot, with the clouds in the background. very interesting history involving napoleon. maybe it was common knowledge, but i didn’t know it.

#10. the quadriga detail

#11. the memorial to the murdered jews of europe.

this is the single most impressive thing i saw in berlin & wished i had had more time to explore it.

some facts:

  • there are 2,711 stelae in the monument
  • the stelae are all different heights and stand on wavy/uneven ground
  • the underground bunker of hitler is not as is commonly speculated underneath the memorial (tho’ it is 300 meters away). however, the underground service villa of propaganda minister goebbels is underneath the northeastern corner of the memorial
  • there is an interesting quote at the information center: “it happened, therefore it can happen again: this is the core of what we have to say.” – primo levi, author of ‘the drowned and the saved’. levi was born in 1919 in turin and was a member of the italian resistance. he was arrested and deported to auschwitz in 1944. after his release in 1945 he begin to write. in 1987, he committed suicide
  • the memorial was designed by american architect peter eisenman
  • the stelae are treated with a special chemical which resists spray paint and graffiti. the company that created the chemical also manufactured the gas that was used in the death camps

#12. with the tiergarten in the distance

#13. detail

#14. inside the reichstag dome. the mirrors reflect light into the reichstag building. the dome itself offers a 365 degree view of berlin. unfortunately, it was a weird weather day and when i was doing my 365 shot, the rain was just too much.

#15. the top of the dome is open so that the voices of the german people can flow into the reichstag. or so said my tour book. it’s still pretty cool.

#16. it’s amazing i’m not in some german police cell right now – this beautiful graphic/art representation of the german flag is in the lobby of the reichstag, right next to lots of signs that say “no pictures”. i had to sneak one. and i’m glad i did. love this shot.

#17. a drive by shot of a sex store called love – sex – dreams. how can you not love?

#18. tacheles. i was so psyched to see this building, but the only time i could visit it was when it wasn’t open. i’m still glad i saw it. tho’ wish i could have bought some cool art. the building has an amazing history – including a prison for french war prisoners in 1943, a movie theater and the german version of general electric. now it’s an artists enclave.

#19. bike in the lobby of tacheles. note the chumbawamba poster. get your tickets now, they’re playing berlin. i hear they’re all the rage.

#20. the graffiti was simply amazing. side note, our hotel is in what was west berlin. i was kinda shocked to see how clean it was and how there was virtually no graffiti. tacheles (and the theater we did the show in) were in east berlin. you would not the believe the amount of graffiti. reminded me of milan.

anyway, i loved this girl. so angry. but fun!

#21. a poster glued to the walls inside tacheles main stairway. again, the graffiti was everywhere – literally, but i thought this was a cool graphic image. if any of my german readers can translate, i’d be much obliged.

#22. the main stairway. ya, the smell of piss was pretty strong – but the overall building was impressive as hell. i must go back someday.

#23. the main trainstation in berlin. note the glass and iron. i love this stuff. if we’re at the trainstation, we must be on our way to prague.

to be continued….