hello there.

i haven’t forgotten about you.  this has been a helluva week already.

for the record, i don’t actually suffer dramatically from jet lag.  until now.  this last trip has completely kicked my ass.  i’m completely not capable of focusing.  on anything for more than about 23 seconds.  it’s pissing me off.  the jet lag is acting out with a complete inability to sleep past 5 am no matter what time i go to bed.

on top of that, had a bit of trouble in the personal life (short story; i’m back on the market.  i may post the longer story someday.  or not.  net/net; if anyone knows a single guy who likes beefy, hairy, tattooed guys who are nuts about pop culture and music send ’em my way), and a bit of a mini health issue (no worries, all will be better by friday) and it means i haven’t had time to blog (or the where-with-all to actually put thought to keyboard.

so, as i finish culling through all of my berlin/prague pics to show all of ya’ll – here’s a lil’ precursor…  i call it the men of eastern europe.

these are some of the guys who caused me to stop in my tracks, or drool, or – ahem, other things, at one point or another during my trip.

none of them look as hot here as they were in person.

first up – sleeping beauty.  he shared my cabin for part of the journey from berlin to prague.  you can’t tell here, but he was hung.  massively.  🙂

next up, prague tram boy.  oh my god woof.  hot guy, great hair.  nice body – killer eyes.  yum:

next, – and this picture so does not do him justice – waiter boy.  he served me the beer that accompanied the meal referenced here.  he had a great face and a killer butt.  mmmm.

hat boy is up next.  i’m pretty sure he was a local praguian (?!), he was on one of the trams i road quite a bit.  of course, you can’t see his czech smoldering good looks in this pic – you’ll just have to trust me.  i knew it was going to be a good trip whenever he was on my tram.

i’m pretty sure this next guy is my destiny.  and again, you can’t tell – but sexy as fuck.  woof.  i even think he was cruising me a lil’ (tho, i never really can tell).  lots of furtive glances.  he and i shared 3 subway transfers one afternoon – culminating with the one that brought us closest to my hotel.  alas, he didn’t get off at my stop.  :-(.  if you read this – subway man.  email me.  we have a very bright future together.

ok, this may be cheating – but the palace guard… i’m pretty sure he wanted me too.  see that glint in his eye?  that was for me.  i’m convinced if he didn’t have that pesky czech military service thing going on, he would have jumped me right there in his lil’ guard shack.  (fun fact, his uniform?  it was designed by the guy who did the costume design for the movie amadaus).