i’m way to tired to come up with anything interesting other than to let the world know that i’m back in minneapolis after two weeks abroad (i sound so worldly don’t i?) and a ten and a half hour flight (‘s really, berlin -> amsterdam and amsterdam -> minneapolis).

so while i fight off the sandman’s efforts (for fucksake, it’s 1:51am in berlin) let me just state for the record here and now it should be a law punishable by castration (for the males of the species) and continual forced viewings of all dolph lundgran films back to back (for the females) that you must wear deodorant whilst in a plane.

mmmm i love the smell of napalm in the morning

to add to that – i would like everyone in the czech republic and germany to also have forced deodorant applications each morning.  i swear there’s an aversion to pit guard in those two fair countries.


full post tomorrow.