berlin – whirlwind.

show ended yesterday (monday) – was a smashing sucess (albeit a logistical fuck-show in a number of ways, but the audience didn’t see any of the chaos which is all that matters. thank god it’s over. i have a very tiny charity fashion show in dc at the end of april and then that’s it to our mega show in september in minneapolis. it will be good to get home for a few months.

did the yellow bus tour of berlin today – there are some great things about this city, but it just hasn’t grabbed me… ton’s of pics to share when i get home. right now i’m typing in a wine/beer induced fog and it’s almost 1am. time to pack as i leve for prague tomorrow.

i fried my power cord/adaptor (fucking european electrical-current) so i have very little juice, so not much of an update until i’m back in minneapolis on sunday or monday.

send me good vibes/karma as i’m really excited to get to prague.

in the meantime, here’s a shot of me in front of checkpoint charlie earlier today

me @ checkpoint charlie.: