just a quickie update as i’m sitting in the hotel lounge enjoying a adult beverage made from hops and malt before going out for dinner and am easily distracted by all the hunky berliner men walking around.

today was load in day (audio/visual, props, equipment etc. brought into the theater) and it went very well, a little too easily i think (tomorrow will be a bear [pun intended]).


front door to the admiralspalast theater where we are doing the show.


our production company loading into the theater – that big white thing?  that’s a 12’x16′ screen we use to project video/camera images


view from outside one of the buildings that makes up the theater complex


my lunch of salted meat, sausage, fried egg, fried potatoes and sauerkraut – mmmm… tasty as fuck.


arty-photo of the day – wardrobe.