howdy from berlin. arrived here at 9am today (thursday) – left minneapolis at 3:10pm on wednesday. long day. today is my acclimation day (even tho’ i went in the office for a few hours) so it’s been all about killing time and staying awake as long as possible to counter the jet lag.

bummed around the ku’dam district a bit – had a killer döner for lunch and then sized up the kadewe shopping center to see what the hype was all about – survey says; boring. just like every other over-priced shopping center around (i’m talking about you harrods). on the plus side tho’ they did offer single serving pickles in a can which is too funny not to love.


thin slicing the chicken for the tasty tasty döner


other than that, the only other thing i really saw today was the kaiser wiliam church.  this building is amazing and i must research it some more.


now i’m going to finish my very tasty beer and hit the hay.