after taking last month off, welcome to the march installment of the 12 of 12 project started by chad darnell.

this may be one of the dullest looks into anyones life as today was an extraordinarily boring (albeit busy) day. not much interesting happened (least not that i had the camera ready for).

here goes:


01. 5:30am. i think parker’s exact thought at this point was “what the fuck are you doing up this early?”


02. 6:00am. me. pre-shower.


03. 7:08am. the stack of shit that’s been piling up on my desk. oh, if you look real close, you’ll see a pic of me and landry from like 5 or 6 years ago.


04. 10:30am. a road case that i loaned a guy in our creative department was returned. it just went to nepal for a photo shoot. it’s big enough that two small-ish children could fit inside if you wanted.


04a. 10:31am. just a close up of the handle. this babies been on a whirlwind international trip. all of those tags you see…. they’re from this one trip to nepal.


05. noon-ish. a friend from work loaned me these too impressive tome’s for some fun reading whilst on planes, trains and various other sundry forms of transportation. the first, diablo cody’s biography about her stripper career in minneapolis (she who wrote the kick ass movie “juno”) . the second, nikki sixx (of motley crue) biography “the heroine diaries”. ooh fun. sex, drugs and rock-n-roll!


06. 2:30ish. aaahhh pepsi. paraphrasing robert louis stevenson: “pepsi is bottled poetry”


07. 3:00pm. the pile has been dealt with, filed, recycled or otherwise organized.


08. 5:10pm. with our recent warm up – the roads are down-right messy. pit stop for some windshield wash.


09. 5:30pm. the view on the drive home. interstate 35w bridge re-construction.


10. 6:30pm. i use a lot of music from my personal music collection for shows – when my pc committed suicide last month i lost my entire uploaded itunes library. mother-fucker. now that i have my new fancy macbook pro, every night i spend a bit of time uploading more of my collection so that i have music at my disposal whilst on the road producing a show. this is tonight’s stack.


11. 7:00pm. i must admit i’m a complete and total sucker for the tv show “gilmore girls” (rip). so much so that the cable station abc family broadcasts a repeat everyday at 4:00 in minneapolis. everyday i dvr it. it’s become my standard tv show whilst eating dinner.


12. 7:40pm. the suitcase has come out (parker is not pleased). yup – another show. this one is this weekend in atlanta. i leave on friday.