i haven’t blogged much about this, but truth be told i hate where i live.  hate! 

the shortlist of reasons why:

  • unresponsive management team
  • loud (sexually generous) neighbor’s
  • annoying neighbor’s who don’t understand if your going to live in a 100 year old apartment building you willhear your upstairs (me) neighbor’s tv
  • bullshit response to vandalism by the management company
  • maintenance company leaving my apartment unlocked for 5 days while i was out of town
  • clothes/laundry detergent stolen from laundry room

now, true – most of these issues probably happen in most apartment buildings, but this has become such a horrible place to live – i can’t stand it.  add the list to the fact i’m in a neighborhood i don’t particularly love and you quickly figure out it’s time to move.  (plus my lease is up june 30).

besides, it’s all the rage, jason moved last year, cb moved last fall, alexander moved last month – i’m just keeping up!.

the shortlist of what i’m looking for:

  • modern construction (the charm of 100 year old buildings only lasts so long – is it bad that i want a dishwasher?!?)
  • (there are a couple of historic properties i would consider)
  • loft or open floorplan would be nice.
  • concrete floors (or really solid constuction for noise prevention)
  • uptown minneapolis, downtown minneapolis (north loop included) or downtown st. paul
  • underground parking
  • laundry in unit
  • no i’m not ready to buy. don’t remind me how screwed i am for not owning.

so let the great apartment hunt 2008 begin.