ok, in the back of my mind i’ve been keeping track of things i wanted to post, but of course, i can’t remember any of them.  ugg… getting older sucks – i’ve got to start writing things down.

so in the meantime – i had a pretty kick ass weekend….

on friday of course you know that cb and i saw the crap fest that was fool’s gold…

then on saturday i hung out with my friend stacey – we had a killer lunch and then went to northern sun.  if you don’t know about them – check them out.  they produce amazing bumper stickers and t-shirts and what not for the liberally minded folks out there.

saturday night james took me to azia for my birthday.  yum.  my favorite joint in minneapolis – i had shrimp crisprolls for starters and then my all time favorite  wasabi walleye.  yum.

sunday we just had a lazy day, the other boleyn girl movie, costco and dsw shopping.  followed by a chill night watching weeds… oh how i love my weeds.  check out my killer new chuck taylors, two shoes in one:


oh, and here’s my purchase from northern sun… a kick ass car sticker t-rex having a tasty fish dinner (hehehehe).   by the way his name is bocephus.  a bad ass t-rex, needs a bad ass name, don’t you think?  darwin would pleased.