do you really wanna know how i was dancing on the floor?
i was trying to phone you when i’m crawling out the door
i’m amazed at you, the things you say that you don’t do

lyric from the song ‘a&e

i’m still absorbing this new record… but on my initial listens it’s not the complete antithesis of their ’05 release ‘supernature‘ that some of the reviews would have you believe.  granted, gone are the thumping beats and pure disco ecstasy of that disk, but in their place are witty little synth lines (made with antique electronic keyboards – how cool) matched with subtle acoustic guitar, vocal multit-racking and arpeggios (in other words, fairly standard goldfrapp-fare).  the beats are most assuredly there.  they’re just not terribly obvious.  but it’s definitely a toe-tapping album

many reviews are calling this the morning after for the disco hangover of ‘supernature‘, and that’s not all together wrong.

in my initial listens off of their myspace page, i was thinking this would be a perfect weekend morning album, and the more i listen, the more i think that’s true.

lyrically it’s terribly english – very witty.  very drool.  very obscure (umm, alison, are you channeling my beloved kate bush a bit?).    but at the end of the day, these songs have already begun to find the nooks and crannies of my mind.  the tunes are incredibly catchy.   just in a quieter sort of way.

the lead off single ‘a&e’ is quite possibly my favorite lead off single in a long long time.  and the video is just fucking weird enough that you can’t help but love it.