yup, it’s official.  bronchitis.  grrrrrr.

so far 2008 is off to a banner start…. the whole “dizzy”/inner ear thing that happened around new years, followed by a cold, then the stomach flu, then another cold which has morphed into this.  thank you mother-fuckin’-nature.  can you please go on vacation now?

on a plus side i had them test my blood last night whilst at the urgent care (which by the way took 2.5 hours to be seen, not so urgent eh?) – i was a bit nervous about this after the $1000 blood test last month – but i hadn’t had a straight up platelet count in a few months… good news back tho’ – i’m at 575,000 which is well above normal (but not dangerous like last year when it was pushin’ 900g).  so all’s good on the blood front.  ((for those not in the know, i have immune thrombocytopenic purpura.  it’s fun to say real fast))