this was the view outside the window nearest my desk @ work on thursday… two fawns grazing at the banks of the frozen pond….there were about 40 of us standing at the windows watching them graze.  cute little buggers… kind fluffy looking in their winter coats…

nature is good people.


here’s the full shot:


in unrelated news, i think i have bronchitis… i’ve had this deep guttural wet painful cough for 4 days… yuck.  is it so bad that i will kill just to feel normal again?  it’s been weeks since i’ve been truly healthy.

in unrelated news pt 2 – i’ve been enjoying the new goldfrapp record ‘seventh tree’ that is streaming for free on their myspace page.  it’s subtle and quite lovely.  nothing at all like their last ‘supernature’.  it comes out on tuesday – i’m thinking i may have a new favorite saturday/sunday morning record.  nice and chill.   oh, and hey – that’s alison goldfrapp making a visit to my banner up above… she’s awesome.