if only ’cause i knew you were all waiting with baited breath for my thoughts on the siouxsie show, here you go.

3 words: shiny. happy. siouxsie.

i have never seen siouxsie so flipping happy at a show. where’s my tortured diva? apparently, gone the way her marriage to
budgie has gone. and i for one, loved every moment.


siouxsie was fun, playful and flirtatious. it was freaking awesome. at one point she said “tomorrow i’m flying to san francisco, i can’t wait to tell them that i left my heart in new york.” how weird is that? awesome!!!

the set list was heavy on material from her new mantaray album, but there were some awesome old banshee tunes thrown in like “hong kong garden”, “night shift” and “dear prudence”. conspicuously absent were anything from her creatures days with budgie or the hits such as “peek-a-boo” or “christine”. given the strength of the show, they were not missed. oh, and when she sang “hong kong garden” she introduced it by saying it was the song’s 30th birthday. 30! wow. time flies with brilliant songs.

the absolute highlight for me was her hard as nails version of mantaray’s “into a swan” – it rocked harder and heavier than the album version – let me just state for the record this needs to be released on cd – pronto!

she was stunning in a silver catsuit with funky/punky 70’s shag (radar called it: “emma peel-meets-wonder woman spacey silver catsuit”). she danced and twirled and interacted with the audience – and her voice was in spectacular form. i’ve never heard her sound this strong.

the venue was incredible as well. the fillmore at irving plaza only holds 1000 people – landry and i got a primo spot right on the balcony with an unobstructed view of the stage. doesn’t get much better than that. oh, and i’m 98.53% positive that johnny rotten from the sex pistol’s walked by me on his way into the vip area – there’s nobody that quite looks like that man. (i’m choosing to forget the moment when i was too busy texting ray to notice siouxsie herself walk right by me. grrrr)

i did sneak my camera into the joint – the above pic is from me as is the lil’ you tube video down below. i’m pleased that it’s a fairly stable shot – it’s short (i thought that was best), if you want some longer vid’s – just search you tube…they’re out there. but i like mine best. it’s part of her tune “if it doesn’t kill you”. check it out:

i promise i’m done with siouxsie for a bit…(do i hear sigh’s of relief?)….. but i do have the upcoming gutter twins show to get psyched for…