i want nothing more than for this day to end.  it was an absolute bear of a day, one that makes me question the company i work for (which, trust me – does.not.happen.very.often.).  honest to god, all i want to do is crawl under my blanket and block out the world.

then to find out that heath ledger died.  fuck what a day.

so instead, i’m gonna concentrate on the only good thing that happened today.  the oscar nominations came out.

best picture – there is no question on this for me – i’m all about no country for old men. 


michael clayton  
no country for old men x
there will be blood  

best actress – hard one for me ’cause i’ve only seen 2 of these films.  i loved ellen page in juno, but it’s not her year yet.  i’m going sentimental (for me) and giving it to cate in elizabeth 2.  yes, the movie sucked, and no she won’t win (see below for the reason), but i love my cate.  i hear amazing things about julie cristie & la vie en rose is on my netflix so i might change my mind.

cate blanchett – elizabeth

julie christie – away from her  
marioncotillard –la vie en rose  
laura linney –the savages  
ellen page – juno  

best actor – no question at all.  daniel in there will be blood.  brilliant performance,

george clooney –

michael clayton

daniel day-lewis –there will be blood x
johnny depp –sweeney todd  
tommy lee jones –in the valley of elah  
viggo mortensen –eastern promises  

supporting actor – again, no question.  javier all the way.  (hal holbrook could be a dark horse/sentimental win, but i think it’s javier all the way.

casey affleck –

jesse james/robert ford

javier bardem – no country for old men x
hal holbrook – into the wild  
philip seymourhoffman – charlie wilson’s war  
tom wilkinson – michael clayton  

supporting actress – i’ve not seen gone baby gone or michael clayton, but all signs are pointing to cate(plus the reason she won’t win above is ’cause she’ll win here).  i have a glimmer of home for saoirse as well. 

cate blanchett – i’m not there x
ruby dee – american gangster  
saoirse ronan – atonement  
amy ryan – gone baby gone  
tilda swinton – michael clayton  

in the coming weeks i’ll cover off some of the other categories. 

but now i’m going to make my self a massivebowl of ice cream then hide under my blanky.