i was tagged by voenix risingin taking a lil’ trip down memory lane and re-visiting the car’s i’ve owned.  i should state most of these pics are not of the actual cars i owned – rather, they’re internet grabs.

#1. my first car, a 1972 dodge dart.  yellow.  not a bad starter car eh?  i only had her for a short time tho’ – the town i grew up in was doing a bit of road construction – the kind where they remove the pavement leaving the manhole covers sticking up a few inches.  i drove over one of the manholes and it ripped my axel off the car (apparently i had a bit of a rust issue).


#2. 1976 buick skylark.  nothin’ special about this ride, other than the fact it had a fast oil leak.  i went through so much oil the year i had her.  the engine finally blew a couple blocks from my house.  i left her there.


#3. 1980 plymouth champ.  again, my version of this car was yellow.  i loved this car.  it was quite the party car for me and my friends.  it had a moon roof and a killer cassette deck stereo.  unfortunately i drove her into the back of some massive truck that was stopped in the middle of the road over a blind hill.  bad bad bad day. 


#4. 1976 ford f-150.  this one was falling apart before i got her.  parts of the floorboard was rusted through (fun in winter time).  there was no radio in the truck.  i had a lil’ cassette boombox velcroed to the dash.  pure class.


#5. 1989 chevy s10 tahoe pickup.  the first brand new vehicle i ever owned.  i wish i could have found a better pic of the truck.  it was white with maroon interior.  it was awesome.  it also had a cool as fuck steering wheel.  i loved that steering wheel.


#6. 1992 mitsubishi eclipse.  what a fun car this was.  pure fun to drive.


#7. 2001 chevy malibu.  what do i say about this car?  hmmm… well i bought it very spur of the moment.  you see i had just quit my job and got rid of the eclipse in prep for a new job i had in hawai’i.  but then 9/11 happened and hawai’i’s economy tanked and the job got put on hold indefinitely.  after 3 months of being on hold, i asked for my job back and had to get a new apartment and car fast.  hence the malibu.  it was perfectly fine as a car.  just boring as hell.


#8. 2005 mazda 3.  my current car. i love love love love this car.  of course i’ve written about it here.  it really is a sweet little car.