shoot me now.

i watched e!’s sexiest vegas jobs.  then i watched e!’s top 25 earners under 25 (like i need to feel even more depressed that i’m decidedly over 25 and haven’t figured out how to make $30m a year yet?!).  currently, i’m watching snoop dogg’s ‘father hood’ reality show (also on e!).

i’m calling an intervention on myself.

question – why on earth do i want to see this:

with the possible exception of the amazingly hot/hunky/sexy paul rudd, there is absolutely no reason to see this.  ugg.

ok, just talked with CB, we’re going to target & then a movie.  the plan is to warm my car up for the next 20 minutes so it get’s warm and toasty while i take a shower and get dressed.  then i’ll park in one of the heated ramp’s downtown whilst we attend to our target and movie errands.

it’s either cloverfield or 27 dresses.  its a toss up.


god my life is boring.