there’s a comment from my friend jeremy on the “you didn’t know i was a big homo?” post (you can read it here).  he points out that you can see what appears to be a belly button piercing showing under keira’s stunning green dress.  (by the way, is there anything more silly than a belly button piercing?).  

here’s the offending bulge:


as a big fan of movie and television acting (people who slag on tv, just aren’t watching the right stuff), things like the piercing annoy me.  simply put they pull my focus out of the show or film and distract me from the performance.    i’ll never be able to watch atonement again without looking for the bulge above the “coochieknot”.

the reason i found this interesting is i was just watching the new show “the sarah connor chronicles” (which by the way is terrific – the producers of the re-booted “bionic woman” should be taking notes on how to do it right), which features one of my favorite character actors; dean winters, as a love interest for the title character. 

dean, for those of you not-in-the-know, was on hbo’s “oz” as bad boy ryan o’reilly.  and i really really loved him (and that show).

if you know “oz”, you’ll know that there was ton’s of really hot prison sex, along with the inmates generally walking around in various forms of undress (gay fantasy 101).  dean’s character was fond of tight muscle shirts, or shirtless (must have been awfully hot inside oz… everyone was shirtless all the time). 

as such, you could always see a tattoo of a steer skull on his shoulder.


i always thought it was a fake hollywood tat go give the o’reilly character some street-cred.

until he showed up on sarah connor the other night (again, shirtless… yum).  the exact same ink is on his shoulder – which means, that steer skull is all dean’s and wasn’t o’reilly’s at all. 


now i can’t get past this and when he appeared on the second episode, i just kept wondering to myself “i wonder when o’reilly got released from prison, and isn’t it nice that he’s found a good woman and wants to settle down”. 

uggg.  fuckity-fuck.

someone call the makeup artist and just cover that fucker up with some nice concealer.  it’s not that big, wouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.  easy-peasy.

memo to hollywood:  “stop pulling focus”.

p.s., jeremey get’s extra points for the use of the word: “coochieknot”